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What are Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome extensions are small programs added to the browser aimed at modifying the experience of a user when using the chrome browser. The add-ons or extensions are created using web technology such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc.

Although an extension can have multiple components, none is greater than accomplishing the main purpose of the program which is to enhance the functionality of your browser.

These extensions are developed to help you as a Doctor get organized, improve your productivity while saving your time and resources. Browser extensions are available on Google Chrome and Firefox browser platforms which become visible above the toolbar for you to click and use whenever you want.

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Note that extensions should have a minimal interface, provide good functionality with limited overhead. You can find Chrome extensions in the Chrome web store. Here are some examples of Chrome extensions:

  • Password manager
  • Ads blocker
  • Notes and to-do lists to Chrome
  • Copy text from a site

Why Doctors Need Chrome Extensions 

There are various reasons why people generally need Google Chrome extensions but here are some of the reasons why Doctors need these add-ons.

  1. Productivity: Chrome extensions will increase the proficiency of your work as a Doctor and ultimately increase your productivity. You can use Chrome extensions to automate some of your tasks, gather more resources about your field, learn about the acceptable medical practice and generally achieve more.
  2. Save time: You can use an extension such as a Google calendar to set up appointments with your patients. This will help to save both you and your patients’ time and resources as they wouldn’t need to come in to physically book an appointment or even put a call through (except for emergencies). They can visit your calendar for available dates and schedule an appointment with you.
  3. Access to primary and secondary data: Installing some specific Google Chrome extensions also grants you access to data and resources about the medical field that may come in handy when you need to look up some information regarding your profession. You can use the medical dictionary extension and also follow up on industry trends.

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Why it is Important for Doctors to Install Some of these Extensions

It is important for Doctors to install some of these extensions for ease of operation and also for record-keeping. We have earlier discussed how extensions can help Doctors become more productive, save the time and resources of themselves and others while they also have access to resources and data. 

However, we need to discuss how important it is for Doctors to install some extensions to ensure they operate with ease and also for digital record keeping.

Ease of operation: Doctors are able to operate more efficiently when they have extensions. This is because the burden on both the administrative staff and the doctors are reduced drastically because patients can now schedule appointments online. 

The crowds are reduced, doctors can focus better, and waiting time is also limited. Doctors are also able to schedule virtual consultation meetings with their patients.

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Record keeping: Doctors can use Chrome extensions to record real-time data of their patients. This will help them to accurately update the medical history of their patients, ensure a more efficient diagnosis of the problem and offer effective treatments.

The purpose of these medically designed Chrome extensions is to ease the burden on doctors and help decrease stress. Therefore it is important that you, as a doctor, take advantage of them.

What Doctors Should Look Out for in Chrome Extensions

All doctors should understand the sensitivity and confidentiality that come with their profession. Hence, before you add an extension to your browser, you must first conduct thorough research on the features, safety, and pricing of the extension. 

1. Features 

First, you should take some time to get familiar with the features of the Chrome extension you plan to install. Many times, extensions in a similar category tend to offer almost the same qualities. So, to make the best choice and avoid duplication, it is important that you take some time to make adequate research and understand how these features work. 

2. Safety 

Another important thing to consider while choosing extensions is safety. This is because you do not want to install an extension that breaches your system’s security, steals your passwords, and compromises your patients’ data. Only install extensions from trusted sources. Check the number of installs, number of ratings, reviews, the quality of reviews, and the general thoughts from the reviewers.

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3. Pricing 

Select an extension or extensions that are well within your budget. You are likely to find many free and high-quality extensions but you should focus on installing a safe extension that provides the best value for money. 

Best Chrome Extensions for Doctors

Pricing: The basic version is totally free while the Personal Plus version cost $19.99/year.

The BioDigital Human is a 3D platform that breaks down anatomy for easy understanding. It explores the body anatomy in 3D, to better observe the disease and possible treatments. 

BioDigital Human is unarguably one better way to understand the human body and health. BioDigital Human is also the most comprehensive 3D anatomy and health condition model set ever assembled, that can be accessed through a browser. You can select from a library of 1000+ interactive visualizations and build your own models. This extension is important and a must-have for all doctors for a better grasp of the anatomy concept.

Pricing: Free

Meducation is a medical education professional tool, and community as it allows the medical professionals to organize all their medical resources. It also has a feature that can automatically track each medical professional’s learning progress and connect them with the larger community for industry support and communication.

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Pricing: Free

Formplus extension is your go-to for everything form-related. You can make use of the form builder to curate your appointment forms, consultant forms, invoices and you can also create a review form that your patients can fill out using Formplus. Formplus is suitable for browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, e.t.c and you can share your forms directly through email accounts.

Pricing: Free

Retina Medical Search is an extension that filters out all results that are focused on patients and laypeople. This extension focuses on information that is relatable to healthcare practitioners. Especially those who are in need of academic information that is reliable, and trustworthy.

Pricing: Free

This works as an RSS reader with all the medical news. It is a great extension that offers you a way to stay up to date on the latest research without having to type or search the titles individually.

This is an extension that provides an easy way for you to track your reading and your progress. You can easily view details on many medical topics that you are studying and it also includes summaries to snapshots, quizzes, mnemonic videos, images, and facts lists. The aim of this extension is to help you remember the important information.

Pricing: Free

Doctors can use the HONcode Toolbar extension to search and navigate the medical web with absolute confidence. There are various health webpages that can be daunting for users or Doctors searching for health information on the Internet. However, HONcode toolbar helps to differentiate good quality sites that are valuable. 

Pricing: Free

This extension allows you to search for medical terms, information, and the latest medical news for reading purposes. It’s also great for studying because it gives you quick access to medical knowledge and terminology. You can also learn the definitions and web references for your research and reading, while also getting the latest Medical and Health News.

Pricing: Free

You no longer need to burden your assistant to conduct cumbersome research again. Simply use a science research assistant. This extension helps you to research and write scientific papers by finding existing related scientific research. It also uses algorithms to summarise the text on any web page, provide you with the most used keywords or phrases and you can modify the algorithm to your own rules.

Pricing: Free

Scite is also an extension that allows medical professionals or doctors to easily verify if a scientific article has been supported or contradicted anywhere online.


Extensions are designed to help people perform their tasks faster and more efficiently. Doctors should not be left out in enjoying the benefits that come with these extensions. 

Go through the list of the best Chrome extensions that we have listed and quickly install the ones that can be of immense service to you.

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