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Free Doctor Appointment Form Template

Allow new and old patients book a medical consulting session with this online doctors appointment form. This appointment form helps doctors schedule their time with ease. Embed this doctors appointment form on your website, share on social media, or send link as email to patient. Sign-up for free now to start scheduling patient appointments online.

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Free Doctor Appointment Form Template template



Mobile-Friendly Forms

Formplus allows you to create mobile-responsive doctor appointment forms that can be filled out on any device including smartphones, laptops, and notepads. This means that your patients can book medical appointments with your form from their mobile devices; without having to zoom or pinch the appointment form. 

Formplus forms offer optimized user experience and are adaptable to the device they are viewed on. The Formplus builder is also mobile-friendly thus; you can create your doctor appointment form template on the go from the comfort of your smartphone

Custom Subdomain to Host Forms

The custom subdomain feature allows you to personalize your form's URL by adding your preferred brand's name to your form link. This feature helps your patients to feel more secure as they are sure that the doctor appointment form is coming from your hospital; especially when you share the form links via email.

Custom form links are easy to remember, and these links can help you promote your hospital's brand too. Instead of your doctor appointment form URL starting with "", you can create your form link to look like this "".

Print Submissions

After filling out and submitting your doctor appointment form template online, respondents can also print a copy of their responses for future purposes. You can ask your patients to print out a copy of their responses and present them on the day of their medical appointment.

Form Customization

Formplus offers a range of form customization features that allow you to tweak and personalize your doctor appointment form so that it reflects your brand's image. You can make your form's outlook more professional by adding your preferred background image and your organization's logo to your form. 

Formplus also allows you to add your preferred font(s) to your doctor appointment form template from available google fonts. If you have knowledge of CSS, you can go a step further with customization by modifying pre-built forms, tweaking your form layout and adding other styling features.

Advanced Form Fields

Formplus helps you do more with your doctor appointment form template with advanced form fields provided in the form builder. With these form fields, you can now collect different pieces of information from your form respondents easily. 

There are over 30 form fields in the form builder and you can simply click to add or drag and drop the fields into your form. Under the advanced inputs option, you can include table fields, collect signatures or add calculations fields to your form

Date and Time Calculations

To ease your appointment scheduling process and help you organize patients better, Formplus allows you to add date and time fields to your form. This means that you can conveniently capture date/time specifics in your doctor appointment form template. 

You can also carry out date and time calculations in your form. By adding a calculation field to your doctor appointment form, you can carry out simple date-time arithmetic processes such as calculating time differences; thereby helping you make objective decisions

Google Sheets Integration

The Google sheets integration feature allows you to sync form responses with Google sheets so that you can update form responses in your spreadsheet instantly. This makes it easier for your team members to view, track and process form responses as they come in. 

You can update your spreadsheet without exporting or importing form responses. For instance, you can add all the doctors in your hospital to your spreadsheet so that they can view patients' appointment requests submitted via the doctor appointment form template.

Multiple Form Sharing Option

You can also embed your doctor appointment form on your hospital's website directly by adding your appointment form's shortcode into your site's HTML. You can also embed your form to your social media pages using the Formplus social media direct sharing buttons. 

In addition, your form has a unique QR code that you can print, download, share or even embed in your website so that your patients simply scan to book appointments. You can also share your form link as an email invite.

Teams and Collaboration for Administrative Purposes

With the multiple users feature, you can add team members to a shared account as collaborators and work on your doctor appointment form template together. This feature allows you to easily share forms and form data with your team members. 

The multiple users' feature has an audit trail that enables you to track any changes made to your form. As the admin, you can set form permissions, assign roles to collaborators and restrict access to form response data and folders

Receive Payments from Bookings Directly

You can collect online payments directly in your doctor's appointment form by integrating your preferred payment gateway with your form. Formplus allows you to add Stripe, PayPal or Flutterwave payment fields to your form and sync these fields with your accounts to receive payments from patients for consultation and appointment fees. 

Our payment integrations are trusted and are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, hence, no matter what service you choose, your data (and your customers’ information) stays secure. Also, there are no hidden charges for collecting payments directly with our forms.

Prefilled Forms and Email Invitations

Create and share prefilled doctor appointment form templates with your patients using the Formplus custom prefill tool in the form builder. This tool allows you to generate and share a custom prefilled URL for each patient. 

Email invitation enables you to track form responses and prevent multiple bookings in your appointment form. With this feature, you can easily monitor online submissions in your form by restricting employees to one entry per email. 

To use the email invitation link, share your form's URL with clients via email by uploading their email addresses. Once a client fills out and successfully submits the online appointment form, you can prevent them from having further access to the form.

Autoresponders and Email Notifications to Others

Formplus allows you to send out confirmation emails to form respondents immediately a successful submission is made in your form. Sending out autoresponders simplifies the communication between you and the form respondents, and you can even include a copy of the form submission in the email. 

In the same vein, you can also send out email notifications to your team members to keep them up to date with appointments and schedules. Email notifications can be programmed to be sent out daily, weekly or monthly depending on your team's communications structure.

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