Typeform is a survey platform that allows users to create and customize web forms such as surveys, quizzes, and more. But Typeform is not for everyone and it can be a bit pricey too.

Selecting the best form builder for your business can be tricky, especially since there are so many great options. Although Typeform is a popular form builder, it doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you.

The builder you choose should be based on the features you need and be reasonably priced. Here is a list of the top Typeform alternatives you should consider and why.

What Is Type Form?

Typeform is a form and survey creation tool that people use to collect feedback from their audience. It has an interactive form display that allows respondents to answer questions one at a time so that they are not overwhelmed.

It also has a lot of templates that you can customize to fit your survey purposes. You can also build your survey from scratch and personalize it yourself. Typeform also allows you to collect and manage data from your respondents.

Key Features:

  • Drag and Drop Builder

The Typeform drag-and-drop builder allows you to create forms by selecting fields from the menu and placing them on your form. This makes form creation easy and fast.

  • Logic

Using logic in your surveys allows you to customize the order in which questions are displayed to respondents based on their choices. The logic feature allows the previous answer that a respondent selects to influence the next question that the respondent sees.

  • Integrations

Typeform can be integrated with platforms such as cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also integrate it with CRM tools like Salesforce and Zendesk, and others.

  • Mobile Friendly

Typeform has a form builder that is mobile-friendly. Your form-building process should be simple, regardless of the device you’re using.

Why Look for an Alternative to Typeform?

Typeform is a popular tool for creating and customizing forms for various use cases. You can use it to create employee surveys, customer feedback forms, application forms, quizzes, and more.

So, while Typeform is an extremely versatile tool for creating forms and surveys, it does have some drawbacks. Here are some of them:

  • Although the basic plan is an upgrade from the free plan, it still has many restrictions, including limited responses, logic jumps, cloud storage space, and more.
  • Respondents can only answer one question at a time, which can be frustrating when a previous question could help you understand the next.
  • Typeform’s plan pricing is slightly more expensive than other platforms.

Best Typeform Alternatives

Here is a list of Typeform Alternatives with great features and their pros and cons:


Pricing: from $20

Formplus is a user-intuitive form builder that allows you to create surveys for customer experience, employee satisfaction, assessments, bookings, applications, and more. You use it to securely collect payments, conduct market research, and more.

The form analytics allows you to understand who your customers are and review their responses to build products that align with your company’s values and your users’ needs.

Unlike most Typeform alternatives, Formplus enables you to collect responses both online and offline.

Key Features

  • Template library

Formplus has a large template library that allows fitter by industry and use case. For example, you can look for real estate (industry) or hotel bookings (use case).

  • Drag and Drop Builder

The drag-and-drop builder allows you to easily create forms by clicking and dragging the fields you want to include in the form.

  • Digital Signatures

You can also collect digital signatures for legal agreements directly on the form with Formplus.

  • Zapier Integration (over 3000 integrations)

The Zapier integration for formplus gives you access to almost all of the tools you need right on your dashboards, such as Mailchimp, Zendesk, Hubspot, Calendly, and others.

  • Collect Payments

You can also securely collect payments from your customers by using top payment integrations such as Stripe, Paypal, Paystack, and Flutterwave.

  • Simple Form Analytics

You can view your response submissions in real-time, and see how well your form is performing based on the completion rate and dropoff rate.

  • Email Notifications and Reminders

Another advantage of using formplus is that you don’t have to be concerned about low response rates. The notification feature informs your participants, they have an email to participate and if they do not, it reminds them in a few days that they have not taken it.

You’ll also be notified when respondents complete and submits their responses.

  • Multimedia Embed (Videos and Images in Forms)

You can make your forms more interactive by including images and videos. For example, you can use images and videos as illustrations in assessments or product design surveys, where customers can select the designs that resonate with them the most.

  • Mobile-Friendly Surveys

With formplus, you can create and take surveys on any device.

  • Private Forms

The formplus enables your team to collaborate on survey design and create questionnaires that will elicit insightful responses from the participants.

  • Online and Offline Forms

Respondents can take surveys both online and offline, and they can pause and resume surveys without losing their progress. You can also allow respondents to edit their responses after they’ve been submitted.



Pricing: Starts from $0

SurveySparrow is a form-building and experience management platform. It allows you to create forms, customize available survey templates, and third-party integrations.

Survey sparrow is a good alternative to Typeform because of its NPS software, which allows you to gather insights into user experiences with your platform and their likelihood to recommend it to others.


  • Large survey template library
  • Allows you to collect feedback from multiple platforms including social media, emails, and chatbots
  • Accessible on mobile and desktop
  • Team collaboration features.
  • 14 days paid plan trial


Too many Features

A major disadvantage of SurveySparrow is its overwhelming collection of features. The platform’s many features make it extremely versatile, but navigating them can be more difficult and requires a steep learning curve.


When compared to other survey platforms such as formplus, the monthly subscription for the basic plan ranges between $19 and $31 per month. 

At $9, you can only collect 500 responses per month, which is half of what you would collect with formplus plans. Although it is far superior to Typeform’s basic plan, which allows you to collect only 100.


Google Forms

Pricing: free

Google form is one the most popular form creation platform and a good Typeform alternative because of its pricing; zero costs. It also comes with google workspace, so you automatically have access to google forms once you create a google account.

It’s also simple to distribute various types of questions, such as multiple-choice questions, tickboxes, open-ended questions, and more. You can also embed videos and images in your form.

You can also use Google forms for quizzes, customer feedback, applications, and more.

Main Features

  • Integration with Google Sheets to view and export collected data
  • Interactive data and results, such as charts and graphs
  • Default auto-suggestions to help respondents complete surveys faster
  • Logic and branching for more personalized data collection from customers
  • Allows for team collaboration on form creation, and editing


  • Limited Templates

This is a major issue with Google forms; if you want to create visually appealing surveys, Google forms isn’t the best tool. It’s designed primarily for simplicity and functionality rather than aesthetics.

  • Rigid Form Design

Google Forms does not allow you to customize your survey design as much as you would like; you can only change a few features such as the background, fill color, and text color. So, if you want to create a stylish form, it will take you a while.

Respondents care about aesthetics; the survey can appear far too plain, and respondents are already bored before starting the survey. This increases your chances of having high dropoff rates, which may make it difficult to get the number of responses you need.


Hubspot Forms

Pricing: from $45

Hubspot form is a robust Typeform alternative that lets you create forms, and landing pages, and even use interactive live chat. It’s a customer experience tool that focuses on lead generation.

Main Features

  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Allows you to automate email follow-ups after surveys. After respondents complete a survey, you can send them an email inviting them to check out your products and become customers.
  • Landing pages
  • Multilingual surveys


  • Pricing

Hubspot’s form is pricey; the most basic plan starts at $45, while the next professional plan starts at $800/month. This pricing is quite steep for small to medium businesses.

  • Very Streamlined

If you’re looking for market research software, Hubspot forms may suffice, but it’s not the best.


Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo)

Pricing: from $49

Alchemy, formerly SurveyGizmo, is an excellent Typeform alternative. It enables you to create and customize forms for market research, customer feedback, assessments, and more.

It has different plans depending on what you’re creating surveys for, as well as enterprise and SMB plans.


  • Survey templates
  • Employee workflows
  • Buy responses
  • Data exports and result analytics
  • Free trial


  • No free plan
  • Complicated form-building experience
  • Higher-priced plans than most Typeform alternative
  • The logic jump isn’t as user-intuitive to navigate as most platforms’
  • Additional features pricing is expensive



Pricing: from $99/month

QuestionPro is market research software that allows you to create surveys, automate employee workflows, and optimize the customer experience.

Aside from creating surveys, Questionpro also distributes your survey to a panel to receive responses from your target audience quickly. 


  • Survey templates and question library
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Sends Reminders to participants to take surveys
  • Data Exports
  • Support for advanced branching
  • SSL security for surveys
  • Custom API


  • The skip logic feature isn’t as flexible as most platforms’
  • The platform UI is function focused and doesn’t offer dynamic 
  • Users complain of lag when creating forms
  • Not adaptable to all browsers



Pricing: from $34/month

Jotform is a decent alternative to Typeform because of its pricing, and user-friendly interface. It also has a large collection of templates that are organized by industry and use case.

You can use Jotform to collect data for market research, bookings, assessments, and more.

Main Features

  • Mobile and desktop-friendly interface
  • Over 10,000 customizable  templates
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Over 100 integrations with other platforms


  • Complex form-building experience
  • Form theme changes don’t auto-reflect, you’d have to refresh the page when switching from one tab to the other while designing forms.
  • The basic pad plan, bronze starts from $34/month, slightly above most platforms’ basic plan pricing. 


Zoho Survey

Pricing: from $20

Zoho Forms is a simple alternative to Typeform, with a simple platform and a good selection of customizable templates. It comes with the Zoho Workplace suite, similar to Google Forms, so you don’t have to pay for it separately.

Key Features

  • Enables you to embed surveys on your website
  • Over 200 templates
  • Allows you to buy responses
  • Secure data collection
  • Allows you to add brand features like logo, watermark, and more
  • Form analytics and visual data representation


  • Limited Survey Templates

Zoho template library is just a little over 250, which is way less than Typeform and most form creation software.

  • Doesn’t Have So Many Advanced Features

Although Zoho survey may seem to be one of the least expensive Typeform alternatives, its features are quite basic when compared to most form builders.



Qualtrics enables you to conduct advanced market research for a wide range of industries and use cases. You can collect customer feedback, product testing surveys, election polls, and more.

Key Features

  • Allows you to collect data from audiences that are not part of your contact list
  • Excellent Reports
  • Great tool for market research surveys
  • Free trial


  • No Free plan

Although Qualtrics provides a free trial, there is no free plan. You must request a demo to find the plan that works best for you; the sales team will customize a plan for you based on your requirements and pricing.

  • Not suitable for SMBs

The majority of Qualtrics plans and features are designed for enterprises and are not suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. Most small to medium businesses don’t need the features Qualitrics offers.



AskNicely, like most survey platforms, allows you to collect customer feedback, conduct market research, and launch great products.

Key Features

  • Multilingual Surveys
  • Recurring surveys
  • User Dashboard
  • Data archive and export
  • Survey Scheduling
  • Question Library


  • Doesn’t provide the best mobile app experience
  • Clunky user dashboard
  • Doesn’t allow respondents to pause and continue surveys
  • Expensive


Get Feedback

Pricing: Book a Demo

GetFeedack enables you to improve the customer experience by gathering feedback on your products and services. It also provides you with simple insights and workflows, allowing your team to use the feedback to improve the product and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Omnichannel data collection
  • Third-party integrations like Zendesk, salesforces, and others
  • Free trial


  • Way expensive  than Typeform and most form-creation software
  • No free plan



Pricing: $14.08- $183.25/month

It’s one of the simplest Typeform alternatives on the market, and it’s also very popular with businesses. Popular brands such as Twitter and Amazon use it to collect user feedback.

Key Features

  •  Enables logic jump to personalize respondents’ survey experience based on their responses.
  • Allows you to securely collect payments
  • More than 400 form templates
  • Lower pricing than Typeform
  • Integrates with platforms like MailChimp, Hubspot, and more


  • Rigid Interface

Wufoo is similar to Google forms in that it is very simple to use and allows you to get started right away. It is solely designed for functionality; it doesn’t offer a lot of customization options.

Its user interface is a bit difficult to navigate; even with its drag-and-drop builder, it isn’t as flexible as other form builders.

  • Expensive Professional Plans

Wufoo’s basic and personal plans are not as expensive as most platforms, but its feature-rich plans are.



Formplus is the best Typeform alternative; both the basic and pro plans are more affordable than Typeform’s. It also includes a user-friendly form builder that allows you to collect data in real-time using powerful form analytics.

You can also securely collect payments with Formplus Paypal and Stripe integration. The platform is simple to use and responsive, so you should have no downtime or navigation issues, but if you do, Formplus has a fast and reliable customer support.

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