Did you know that CVs are not only required for formal applications? In some countries like India, individuals who have reached the age of marriage tend to submit a marriage biodata or a marriage CV to enable them to secure the right partners. 

Thus, it is important to understand what a marriage biodata is, what it typically contains and how to go about creating one. 

What is Marriage Biodata? 

A marriage biodata is also known as a marriage CV. It is a series of precise and relevant information about an individual who is seeking an appropriate partner. Think of a marriage biodata as a CV that aims at helping you secure the right life partner.

A marriage CV typically highlights the personal information of an individual, family background, and key achievements. These pieces of information are what a potential spouse may consider attractive. 

All of these combine to form the personal profile of the individual. With this information, an individual can determine if one would make an appropriate spouse. Marriage biodata documents are common in Pakistan and India. 


Features of a Marriage Biodata

As stated earlier, a marriage biodata provides key information on the personality and achievements of an individual. The features of a marriage biodata include name, about you, picture, age, educational background, tribe, physical features, etc.

  • Name: This is the most important information in a marriage biodata. Since a marriage biodata profiles an individual, it is important for you to state your name so that all the information provided can be properly assigned to you. 
  • Family Name: In India, marriage is not just a union of 2 individuals; it is also the union of families. Many families go the extra mile to ensure their children marry into the same social class as theirs. Hence, your family name is a piece of important information that should be provided.
  • About you: You are also expected to provide a brief description of yourself. Think of this as a professional summary that highlights your experiences and key achievements. This information helps your prospective partners understand your personality. 
  • Pictures: Pictures are another important part of a marriage biodata. You may be required to provide one or more pictures of yourself. This gives prospective marriage partners an idea of your appearance. Ensure that you provide attractive pictures that boost your chances of getting the right partner.
  • Age/Date of Birth: This information is also important. It is not uncommon for some people to desire a partner that falls within a specific age bracket.
  • Educational Qualification: You also need to provide your educational qualification. Indicate your highest level of education and professional certifications, if any. 
  • Skills and Occupation: This information is also pertinent. Highlight your professional skills and current occupation. The whole idea is to ensure that you appear attractive to prospective partners.

Also, some individuals may be seeking partners in a certain profession only. This is why you have to provide this information. 

  • Nationality/Tribe: You will need to state your nationality and ethnic group as part of your marriage biodata. This information helps prospective partners to profile you accordingly.
  • Language Spoken: In some cases, you may be required to state if you’re monolingual, bilingual, or multilingual. You may also be required to list the languages you speak. 
  • Interests or Hobbies: Highlight your interests and hobbies too. This will enable prospective partners to profile you accordingly. 
  • Genotype and Blood Group: An individual’s health profile is one of the most important pieces of information presented in a biodata. It is necessary for prospective partners to know your health status; especially your blood group and genotype. This will guide them in making the right decisions. 

The popular genotypes are “AA”, “AS”, “AC” and “SS” If your genotype is “SS”, you should prefer a partner with the “AA” genotype. 

If you are unsure about these, ensure that you visit your healthcare provider and undergo the necessary tests. It is important that you present accurate information about your health status. 

  • Partner Expectations: You will also be required to provide information on your ideal partner’s specifications. Here, you can indicate what you want in a partner including your unique preferences such as height, weight, preferred complexion, or religious preferences. 

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Importance of a Marriage Biodata


A good marriage biodata creates a closely accurate profile of an individual. This communicates your personality to prospective partners.

Chances are if you draw up a good marriage biodata, you will attract the right partner. A marriage biodata communicates your background to possible partners. 

First Impression

With a good marriage biodata, you will make a great first impression on prospective partners. This increases your chances of securing the right spouse.


A marriage biodata is an easy and efficient way to reach many prospective suitors at the same time. Just like a CV, you can share your marriage resumé with multiple persons at the same time. This increases your chances of connecting with the right partner. 

A biodata saves you time and effort used for meeting people who may not even meet your primary criteria such as religion, ethnic group, or social status. It is a more effective means of connecting with your preferred partner. 


A marriage biodata helps you specify your preferences for a partner. You can highlight different criteria that suit you such as your preferred social status, religion, or occupation.

If you have a precise and clear marriage resumé, you would likely attract a compatible partner who fits in with your character and social preferences. 

Better Chances

A marriage biodata increases your chances of getting the right partner in minimal time. It typically widens your spectrum so that you are able to connect with thousands of prospective partners at the same time.

This makes it easier for you to find someone that satisfies your stated requirements. 


A good marriage biodata is direct and precise. It highlights the characteristics of an individual and profiles what he or she expects from an ideal partner.

With this, there’s no need to waste time researching the background of an individual you’re interested in. With a marriage biodata, you already have a fair idea of the individual’s personality.

You can decide if this personality works for you or not. 

The Hindu Marriage Biodata Format

The Hindu marriage biodata format is very popular amongst the Hindu group in India. It is a necessary document that signals one’s transition from Brahmacharya (being a bachelor) to a Grihastha (householder).

Amongst the Hindus, marriage is regarded as a sacred activity requiring extra care. It transcends the union of two consenting adults to include the coming together of families. 

Typically, the emphasis is placed more on the satisfaction of certain family marital prerequisites than on love. Also, arranged marriages are popular in this society. 

Usually, the Hindu marriage biodata form includes a religious symbol. This reveals the sacredness with which they regard marriage in this society.  It is not uncommon to see religious icons such as the symbol of Ganesha in marriage biodata forms. Sometimes, these forms may include the names of household deities. 

For example, if a family is devout to Vaishno Devi, they may begin the marriage biodata with “Jai Mata Di”. This is a popular religious chant among the Vaishno Devi devotees.

It is also important to note that social status is an important part of Hindu marriage biodata forms. Hindu society operates a caste system that emphasizes social class. Hindus marry people within their social status or caste.

For example, a Brahmin Iyer family in South India will give first-marital preference to girls/boys from other Brahmin Iyer families.

Another important feature of the Hindu marriage biodata is horoscope matching. Hindus consider horoscope as an important part of an individual’s life. 

In the biodata form, individuals may be required to provide information on their horoscope including the zodiac signs, gotra, and birth star. You may be required to provide this information in a separate document, alongside your marriage biodata. 

For the Hindu people, a marriage biodata is extremely important because it helps one secure the most appropriate marriage partner. Information provided in a marriage biodata is useful in determining whether a person is a good enough partner for you.

Examples of Hindu marriage biodata format include name, age, date of birth, weight, height, profile summary, religion, family information, partner description, and pictures. 

How to Collect Marriage Biodata with Online Forms

You can collect marriage biodata through online forms. An online form is an easier and more effective method of data gathering. 

You can create your online marriage biodata form using data-gathering platforms like Formplus. This form can be shared with thousands of respondents at the same time.

An online marriage biodata form allows more people to provide the required information in a smaller period of time. Since data gathering platforms work with passwords and encrypted databases, you don’t need to bother about losing information. 

This means that your data is more secure. You also get to save money that would have been spent on printing and distributing forms physically. 

Online marriage biodata forms enable you to input important fields requesting information from respondents. You can also add fields for attaching pictures and other necessary documents. 

You can customize your online marriage biodata forms by adding specific background images, color or themes. 

After creating your online marriage biodata form, you will receive a personalized link that you can share with respondents. You also get the chance to track respondents and, add or delete fields.  

Formplus helps you to gather thousands of marriage biodata easily. It also enables you to process and analyze these responses swiftly. 

Formplus provides you with different templates of an online marriage biodata form. You can also use the Formplus builder to create custom marriage biodata forms. 

Create your online marriage biodata form using Formplus. 

How to Collect Marriage Biodata using Formplus

Biodata forms are one of the most popular types of forms you would find online. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to capture marriage biodata using Formplus. 

We’ll be showing you how to create a sample marriage biodata form using Formplus. 

Sign in to Formplus

Formplus allows you to create custom forms including biodata forms. To access the Formplus builder, you will need to create an account on Formplus. 

Once you do this, sign in to your account and click on “Create Form ” to begin. 


Edit Form Title

  • Click on the field provided to input your form title, for example, Student Biodata Form.


Edit Form 

  • Click on the edit button to edit the form.
  • Add Fields: Specify form field inputs from the Formplus builder inputs column. There are several field input options for biodata forms on the Formplus builder.
  • Edit fields
  • Click on “Save”
  • Preview form.



Personalize your marriage bio-data form with Formplus’s unique customization features which allow you to create unique and powerful online forms. You can change your form’s background image, add preferred color themes and add your organization’s logo to make your form even more professional. 


Why Use Formplus to Collect Marriage Biodata

  • Export Responses as CSV

Formplus allows you to export form responses as a CSV file. This helps you to better organize large amounts of data. 

A CSV file is a plain text file that can be exported into any storage database. Since CSV files are plain text files, you can read them using any software including a simple text editor. 

With this, you can easily process respondents’ information and match them with prospective partners. 

  • Download as PDF

You also have the option of downloading or printing your form responses in a PDF format. 

  • Storage & Security

Formplus works with an encrypted database that protects your information. Typically, Formplus is used to gather a variety of information ranging from extremely sensitive data to everyday information.

We understand how important your data privacy is. Thus, we do not allow any unauthorized party to access your forms or responses. 

You can also manage your data privacy and storage if you wish to do so on external servers. Formplus offers flexible data storage options for customers who prefer this. 

Our data privacy and data security practices are in line with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and PCI DSS Level 1 Certification requirements. You can contact our support team here

  • File Uploads

Formplus offers flexible and unlimited file uploads. You can add file upload fields directly to your online marriage biodata forms. Formplus forms receive file uploads of any size. These data are stored on our encrypted cloud storage. 

You can also rename the files uploaded by the respondents. This helps you to better organize and process the received data. 

  • Geo-Location

Formplus allows you to create location-enabled marriage biodata forms. With the user’s consent, the geolocation feature allows you to determine the respondent’s physical location. 

This is very useful if you need to register and map the physical location of all submitted forms. 

  • Customization

Using Formplus, you can create unique online marriage biodata forms.  Under the customize section, you can add background images directly from your computer to your forms. Formplus allows you to resize background images in your form or make them look repeated or fixed. 

You can also include your organization’s logo in your form in multiple positions.  Formplus enables you to further specify the appearance details of your form including font size, color, theme, and form width. You also have multi-choice options for your forms. 

  • Offline Capability

Unlike other online data-gathering platforms, Formplus allows you to collect data while offline. There’s no need for lack of internet access to be a barrier anymore. 

Respondents can now fill out and submit a form; even without an internet connection. The offline responses are then uploaded to our encrypted servers anytime there is stable internet access. 

Are you a Matchmaker? Here’s what you need to know

As a matchmaker, you can use online marriage biodata forms to connect prospective partners. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to go about it. 

Step 1: Create an online marriage biodata form for men and women.

Step 2: Share your personalized form link on social media. You can also share your form’s QR code, or a website or email invitation. 

Step 3: Export responses as CSV/Excel files and process the data according to respondents’ indicated preferences. 

Step 3: Contact potential couples for a possible match. 

Step 4: Rinse and repeat. 

Step 5: Store respondents’ data in the cloud.


A marriage biodata is, without a doubt, an important document in many societies. Just like a good CV helps you secure the right job, a good marriage biodata will help you connect with the right partner. 

It is important for you to know the marriage biodata preferences in your society.

Interestingly, you can use the online forms to gather marriage biodata. Data gathering platforms like Formplus help you to create customized online forms for marriage biodata. 

This is an easier and faster way of receiving and processing tons of data in little or no time. 

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