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Hotel management is the process of facilitating a seamless operation across all facets of the hotel industry. Gaining an advantage in this business or pursuing a career in the hospitality industry requires continuous learning on all aspects of managing the hotel business successfully.

Continuous learning in hotel management is depicted by showing interest and undertaking appropriate learning activities that enrich your skills and increase your knowledge. Bridging learning gaps is the key to self-development, a rich sense of self-worth, and vital to attaining new heights in the workplace. 

For every discipline, from hospitality management, management sciences, and fine arts, there is always room for individuals driven to attain excellence in their respective fields.

If you want to deepen your knowledge in hospitality and hotel management as part of your learning goals to improve your job or help you land a job in the hospitality space, you are in the right place.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of free online hospitality and hotel management courses that would set you apart.

Who Needs a Hotel or Hospitality Management Course

You might wonder if hospitality management is your ideal career path.

If you enjoy creating outstanding human connections, aspire to work in a global and diverse team, and want to achieve this excellently. You need a course in hospitality management.

Earning a hospitality management degree allows you to make your mark in the industry with innovative solutions.

Working in the hospital industry is a multifaceted and constantly evolving industry that inculcates diverse fields, from real estate management to marketing, events management, food management, health and wellness, and lots more.

Hence, if you are looking to grow in a career that encompasses a wide range of disciplines, all in a bid to create an awesome customer experience across all touch points through which individuals engage with your brand. A course in hospitality management is an excellent option.

To get started, you would need a minimum of high school certification. However, for entry-level roles, there is a chance of getting in without any formal education, as training would be provided. Notwithstanding, for senior-level roles, formal education and a hospitality management certification are required.

Although previous experience and some certifications would make it easier to commence a career at a mid-level in the hospitality business, hospitality management courses can pave the way for a variety of opportunities in the industry. Hence if you want to fulfill a career under any of the following roles, you need a hospitality management course.

Best Hotel and Hospitality Management Courses of 2022

1. Diploma in Hospitality Management

Allison is a good place to start when considering a diploma in hospitality management. This course features 3 different types of diplomas upon completion.

Digital diploma; This offers a physical branded, framed certificate  at €22.00

which would be shipped to recipients for free.

Diploma; Printed version of the certificate, branded and security marked, including free shipping for €14.00.

Framed Diploma: This is a framed, branded, security-marked diploma certificate inclusive of free shipping for the sum of €22.00

This course would lay the foundation for the nature of hospitality and the relationship between hospitality and the tourism sector, guest management, operations, and much more. It is ideal for established professionals in the hospitality space and newbies trying to land a job in the hospitality industry.

    • Course Enrollment Fee: Free
    • Course Duration: Approx 10-15 Hours
    • Certificate of completion: Yes
  • What you will learn:
  • Characteristics of the hospitality industry
  • Accommodation, Types of guests, and related topics
  • Introduction to Hotel Management
  • Hotel operations 
  • Housekeeping
  • Food and beverage management
  • Restaurant operations
  • Food handling and safety
  • Health and Safety

For a full list of the modules covered, check here.

2. Hospitality Management Cornell Certificate Program

The Cornell hospital management certificate program offered by eCornell is accredited by several certified bodies and is eligible for continuing education units from Cornell University. It is ideal for senior managers in hospitality or people looking to position themselves for managerial roles.

    • Course Enrollment Fee: $3.75 per course/$1300 for 3 months
    • Course Duration:90 days at approximately  3-5 Hours weekly
    • Certificate of completion: Yes
  • What you will learn:
  • A grasp of  financial statements
  • Building high-performing teams
  • Marketing planning and management services
  • Pricing and revenue management
  • Building brand loyalty in guests
  • Hotel operations
  • Live marketing, leadership, and hospitality symposiums

Detailed information on the Hospitality Management Cornell Certificate Program

can be found here.

3. Hospitality Inbound Marketing Fundamentals and Practices

Udemy offers hospitality inbound marketing fundamentals and practices courses in easily comprehensible language. The course is suitable for newbies in marketing. It is ideal for hoteliers and general staff who want to understand how hotels can amplify their visibility in the digital space.

    • Course Enrollment Fee: Free
    • Course Duration: Approximately 2 hours 10 minutes
    • Certificate of completion: No
  • What you will learn:
  • Understanding inbound Marketing
  • Methodologies & tools useful for inbound marketing
  • Content creation
  • Fundamentals of social media marketing 

More information about this course can be found here.

4. MicroMasters Program in International Hospitality Management

edX International Hospitality Management MicroMasters offers a novel way of nurturing skilled people for a career in the global hospitality industry. The program provides insight into the luxury market, the best marketing, and HR practices in the hospitality space. The program is ideal for individuals who want to become global tourism and hospitality leaders. 

    • Course Enrollment Fee: $1000.80
    • Course Duration: Approximately  6-8 hours weekly for 8 months
    • Certificate of completion: Yes 
  • What you will learn:

Human Resource Management in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Industry

Industry based Marketing management

Innovation and technology management in hospitality and tourism

Luxury Management

More details about this course can be found here.

5. Demand Management: Breaking down today’s Commercial Silos

The Demand Management: Breaking down today’s Commercial Silos course offered by Coursera addresses one of the biggest challenges experience in the hospitality industry: the lack of integration between key disciplines in the hospitality industry. This course will help professionals to break down these commercial silos and help industry professionals navigate the path from long-term asset development to short-term profit techniques while aligning commercial teams with the organization structure.

    • Course Enrollment Fee: Free
    • Course Duration: Approximately 13 hours spread weekly for 1 month
    • Certificate of completion: Yes 
  • What you will learn:
  • Asset Management
  • Demand generation
  • Online Marketing
  • Revenue Management

All the details about this course can be found here.

6. Hospitality Management Studies – Hotel Operations

The hospitality management course is a free online course offered by Allison. It is designed to provide insight into hotel operations. It will show you how hotel departments work behind the scenes to provide an excellent experience to guests.

This course addresses the different housekeeping positions and their relationship with other departments. It highlights the various procedures for housekeeping and the knowledge of codes used to describe housekeeping status within the hotel.

 It covers the organizational structure of a hotel, the functions of the various hotel departments, and how they can work together seamlessly to provide guests with an excellent hotel stay.

    • Course Enrollment Fee: Free
    • Course Duration: Approximately 13 hours spread weekly for 1 month
    • Certificate of completion: Yes 
  • What you will learn:
  • Hotel Management
  • Hotel Operations
  • Hotel Housekeeping department

More details about the modules covered in this course can be found here.

7. The Fundamentals of Hotel Distribution

Essec business school, in partnership with Coursera, offers this free online course, the Fundamentals of Hotel Distribution. This course provides answers to the key questions in the hotel industry such as;

 How to distribute online?

What should be included in a brand website?

How to maximize the potential of online travel agents? Despite the constantly evolving complexity of the hospitality industry, this course would provide a comprehensive foundation to help kickstart a career in this hotel distribution.

    • Course Enrollment Fee: Free
    • Course Duration: Approximately 15 hours spread weekly for 1 month
    • Certificate of completion: Yes 
  • What you will learn:

Hospitality Management

Online Marketing

How to manage online travel agents

Franchise and Management Agreements

More details about the fundamentals of hotel distribution can be found here.

8. Hotel Management Course by Brentwood

Brentwood Open Learning College offers this entry-level free online hospitality course to anyone looking to start a career in the hospitality industry. This course introduces learners to the basics of hotel management, alongside the key functions of various hotel departments. 

It is suitable for new staff in the hospitality industry eager to get a good start in their career. 

    • Course Enrollment Fee: Free
    • Course Duration: Approximately 20 hours
    • Certificate of completion: Yes 
  • What you will learn:

Introduction to Hotel Management

Introduction to Front Office Operations 

Introduction to Housekeeping

Details about the hotel management course by Brentwood can be found here.

9. The Fundamentals of Revenue Management

The fundamentals of Revenue management offered by Coursera teach analytics-based techniques that would aid in predicting consumer behavior in the hotel market to ensure that sales of the hotel accommodation can be made at the optimum price. With the knowledge of this course, the participants will comprehensively understand segmentation, forecasting, and pricing in the hospitality industry.

    • Course Enrollment Fee: Free
    • Course Duration: Approximately 20 hours
    • Certificate of completion: Yes 
  • What you will learn:

Getting Started with Revenue Management

Introduction to Segmentation

Introduction to Forecasting & Budgeting

Introduction to Pricing

Full details of the course offers are available here

How Formplus Can Help Hospitality & Hotel Managers

Formplus is a software solution that provides easily accessible online forms that can be filled out anywhere in the world. The forms are easy to build or modify without writing any code. It is ideal for hospitality managers because, with Formplus forms, your data management process is simplified, as information about your business can be filled in and updated in real-time.

Formplus also features a branding service that allows the customization of forms from the broad selection of form themes and templates, which can be tweaked to fit your hotel’s brand personality.

Employee applications and data sharing with employees in real-time improve efficiency in your hotel management processes.

There is also a client services feature, which facilitates the collection of customer data via a form that can be embedded in our website. Payment collection is also easy with formplus integrations with PayPal, Stripe, Paystack, and Flutterwave.

The options Formplus provides are limitless. Its variety of booking form templates and embeddable links for your website or social media pages can aid in getting quality leads from prospective customers. Formplus’ booking form templates are perfect for hotels, appointments, restaurants, flight reservations, etc. 

Sign up now to get started with the online form templates, or create your forms with the no-code-required form builder.


Hotel management has the potential to be a rewarding career path because of the consistent global demand for quality hotel services. So if you are looking to rise rapidly in your career in hospitality, or you are new to the hospitality business, studying any of these courses in hotel management is the way to go.

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