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Have you been searching for an online form builder with form calculations i.e. a builder that allows you to create online forms to calculate values automatically? Formplus now helps you create robust calculation forms!

You can now:

  • compute values and scores of form fields,
  • set default/initial values,
  • conditionally control the visibility of form fields, sections, and pages,
  • implement rich validation, like calculate prices for on-form payments.

The calculation feature is automated, meaning that form fields are self-calculating and you don’t have to do anything like write Javascript code to help you calculate and all that jazz.

To set up calculations in your online forms:

  1. Sign up or sign in to use Formplus.
  2. Create a form by editing a form template or building a form from scratch.
  3. In the builder, look out for the “Add Calculations” field in the “Input” section of the “Builder”. Select the fields you would like to calculate and the field you would like the results to be displayed in.
  4. Form fields that can be calculated include; Short and Labelled Input field (validated to receive only numbers), Number field, Choice Fields (Image, Radio, Basic Select and Checkbox), Repeating Data Sections (Table field in Online forms) and Ratings (Scale, Heart, and Star). The Payment field can only be used to display values i.e when you calculate other fields in an order form, a payment field can be used to display the total amount due to be paid.

To learn more about how to use form calculations, check out this support article on how to add calculations to your online forms.

Other improvements to Formplus:

  1. Hide field in Pre populated forms: In creating pre populated forms, you can hide specific fields so your respondents don’t have to see the pre-filled data.
  2. Read-only fields in Pre populated forms: Useful when you create a prefilled form and you don’t want your respondents to edit some of the form data.
  3. New rule types for conditional logic forms: Formplus conditional logic has new rules in the number fields. They are, ‘less than’, ‘less than or equal to’, ‘greater than’, and ‘greater than or equal to’.
  4. Better syncing for offline forms: Offline forms keeps getting better! We have improved syncing in offline forms so your form data syncs better once you’re back online.

Have you seen a feature you desperately need and can’t wait to try? Click here to sign up for a free 21-day trial to start creating online forms with Formplus. 

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