This is one packed update and we are more than excited to share this with you. We’d advise that you take your time, go through it and then if you have any issues implementing any of the features mentioned here, contact the support team on or chat with us on the Formplus website.

What’s New in Formplus

Images as multiple choice answers

We have added a new field that allows users add images to multiple choice answers.

The image choice field allows users to make use checkboxes (for multiple selections) or radios (for single selection). As a form owner, you can upload an image using a link or directly from your device and then add labels/descriptions to images.


This would be perfect for product order forms, online quizzes, online polls, and other types of online forms. Sign in to Formplus to try it out.

Form Sorting

Having to sort through forms can be a pain, particularly when you have a lot of forms. Previously, users were only able to search for forms by name or move from page to page. Now, there are other form sorting options like:


  • Form sorting by name (ascending: a-z)
  • Form sorting by name (descending: z-a)
  • Form sorting by date created (default)
  • Form sorting by date last updated (edited or updated with responses)
  • Form sorting by submission count (highest to lowest)

Table Field (Repeating Data)

Table fields serve as a good way to collect a large amount of repeating data in a concise grid format with columns and rows.


We added this field to help you perform dynamic functions, like collect names, emails, URLs, ratings, etc from respondents. This data is then neatly passed and arranged in Sheets.

Learn how this works in this Support article.

Print and Download Individual Response

Individual form responses can now be downloaded as PDF, Docx in addition to the previously allowed CSV download format (for all responses). For a form that has received submissions, head over to the ‘Responses’ tab in the builder and then view individual responses i.e by clicking ‘View as Single’. The ‘Download’ button gives you options for download where you can select your preferred file format, while ‘Print’ gives you printing options for your computer.

An example of a suitable use case feature for this feature is when conducting interviews or processing orders and you need to see form submissions at a glance.

What’s Improved in Formplus

A Faster Way to Create Forms

It really brings us great joy to introduce the improved builder to you. Now, while it may not be as noticeable as a new field like payment or a feature like offline forms, it is just as important and will go a long way to ensuring that your form creation process is seamless.

Here are some of the resultant effects of the new Builder:

  • Faster form creation time
  • Reduced form load time.
  • More responsive drag and drop for all form fields./li>
  • Duplicated fields now go directly below the original field

We’re sure you will notice this change while building forms. Don’t hesitate to leave us some feedback and suggestions to improve your experience even more.

Improvements to Conditional Logic

The form logic feature was more than great the way it was but we understand that there were a number of limitations. Here are some improvements that we have made to it:


  • You can skip/hide an entire page: We decided to give users the choice to set rules not just for form fields but for entire pages; now you can skip/show/hide pages with page rules.
  • You can set conditions and actions to show/hide multiple fields based on answers from other fields instead of adding separate rules for every single field.


Form Preview opens as a modal

Previously, to preview a created form in the builder, the form opened up in a new tab. While this made it easy to copy the form link, it sort of defeated the purpose of being able to “preview” the form.

With the latest update, the form preview opens as a modal and you can easily preview the form without leaving the page. If you still want to copy the form link, you can still do this from the modal.


Sign in to Formplus to see how it works

Change Google Drive Storage Account

A number of users reached out to us about changing their Google Drive storage account. If any user wanted to that previously, they had to create a new account with a different Google email and then transfer the forms.

Now, you can change your existing Google Drive storage email to a different email with just the click of a button on the ‘Permissions’ page. All incoming responses after you make this change will be stored on the new Google Drive account while previously submitted responses will remain on the old account.

Store file upload links as plain URLs instead of Hyperlinks

File upload links can now be viewed in plain URL format as well as the default Hyperlink format. This does not affect existing files in the spreadsheets or forms, only file upload links created after this option has been enabled on the ‘Settings’ page.

Form Title

When creating a new form, you no longer have to manually clear the default text in the form title. The default title can be used as it is i.e. if no text is inputted, the default title for a new form will be ‘Click to edit form title’.

Other things to Note


  • We’ve made it easy to give feedback and suggestions to the team and that’s why we have added the “suggestions” button at the top-right corner of the builder.
  • More hearts and stars by default: The default options for scale, star and heart ratings used to be 3, now you have 5. Yes, we deserve hearts too.
  • The section “Dropdowns, Checkboxes and Radios” has been renamed to “Choice Options” to accommodate the new “Image Choice Field”.


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