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Quizzes, assessments, exams are not new ideas. They are created every other day. But how do you prepare a quiz that will stand out and return better results?

Individuals, organizations and schools usually organize quizzes to understand other people or get some form of information from them. With this article, you will be getting a perfect guide to knowing how to use online quizzes for business research, fun, or educational purpose.

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What is a quiz?

A quiz is carried out to test the knowledge of the respondent about a certain subject. It is a brief assessment often used in academic environments to measure growth in knowledge, abilities and/or skills.

When talking about a quiz, you are referring to a game, a test or mind sport, where individuals or groups make attempts to give responses to questions correctly.

A quiz might be graded and designed to understand if a winner can emerge from a group of participants. When a winner emerges, losers are automatically eliminated to pave way for winners to qualify for the next stage.

In summary,a quiz is a short test, and in education, it doesn’t have high impacts on grades as much as an examination will. It is an easy way to keep track of students. You personalize experiences with respondents, and gain insights into issues.

Is there Any Difference Between a Quiz and Exam?

Thesaurus says a quiz and exam can be used interchangeably. Yes, the two words are synonymous to each other, but there are significant differences.

An exam is usually longer than a quiz and used as a standard evaluation method to determine final course grades in academic institutions. Unlike quizzes, exams will likely have meaningful impact on final grades. With an exam, you can have more questions like fill-in-the-blanks or free text, because examinations contain a higher knowledge level.

Unlike a quiz, an examination score is almost certain to be used in determining your grade in the class. Whereas a quiz usually determines your understanding of short sections of a unit.

An exam is the “grand-daddy” of a quiz. You can expect that an exam will be long (long enough that most instructors allow hours rather than minutes for it to be taken). Most exams will cover all the material that the course has covered so far.

Here’s how to create an online quiz with Formplus Builder;

  • Step 2: Click on the “create form” icon to begin your quiz building process.

  • Step 3: Once you are directed to the builder page. The next step is to enter your form name. Here, your form name will be the title of your quiz. I.e “Geography Quiz, Science Quiz, etc.”

  • Step 4: On the left navigation bar of the application, there is a list of form fields available and applicable to your form. The form fields are the building blocks for your form building process all you have to do is drag and drop your chosen field on to the blank page to begin.

Since it is a quiz, the following form fields are applicable options; Input field which has a subsection of fields as shown in the image below. 

  • Use the “Checkbox feature” under the Choice Options to create a multi-choice quiz question. 

  • Use the “Single Select” to create a drop-down option types and “Multiple Select” to allow your student select more than one option for a question. 

  • With Formplus Quiz Maker, you can use the “Image” option access to create image choice quiz questions. This option is excellent for kids’ interaction. 

  • The “Advance Fields” section has interesting options such as; creating tables, online signature, lookup field and calculations. The calculation option is useful for math and science quizzes. 

  • The “Customise” section helps beautify your forms. You can tweak your form theme, use background images, edit widths & layouts, form colors and the font with ease.

  • Edit form quiz settings to your preference. You can now start sharing your form links to your student or expected participant through emails, website embed or even social media. 

  • Formplus Builder comes with in-built analytics that allows you monitor quiz responses and how well your student performed in the quiz. 

Still don’t know how to use Formplus’ Builder for online quiz? Checkout the ready-made online voting quiz template or contact support for any other inquiry.

Why Formplus is the Preferred Online Quiz Maker

Formplus offers more than just basic forms, there is more you can do on the online form builder. One of such is the online quiz form.

The online quiz form by Formplus allows you insert multiple choice questions using a simplified form builder. You do this by using the drag and drop feature to insert the multi choice form field and edit the default text.

Online quiz forms allow you give pre-submission custom message to respondents. This is where you can give instructions on how to fill the forms, and why certain form fields are necessary.

Form Analytics gives you the summarized or detailed evaluation of the responses. Here, you can see who won the quiz, who lost, grades according to individual users, percentages and more.

Randomize your questions with online quiz forms on Formplus. This is great for online quizzes for students or trivia to make it more fun.

Features of a Perfect Online Quiz

  • Multiple Choice Questions

This gives respondents multiple choices and a variety of options to choose from. A multiple choice question is frequently used in educational quizzes, market research, and elections; where a person has to choose between multiple candidates, parties, or policies.

This lets respondents understand why they must provide answers to the questions offered and what the quiz is for.

If you want your respondents to provide answers in a certain way, this Instruction page is a great way to pass this information.

  • Leaderboard

A leaderboard gives respondents ideas of how they fared in the quiz – in comparison to peers or colleagues. Notwithstanding the kind of quiz, a leaderboard brings out the competitive spirit of respondents and can be a fun experience.

For students, a leaderboard provides a push to study more and do better, especially if the grades are far less than expected.

  • One or Two Questions Per Page (Multi Page)

If you want to create suspense, this is just perfect. An online quiz builder like Formplus gives you the opportunity to create as many pages as possible – using one page for one or more questions.

  • Quiz Timer

Online quizzes can be timed and closed once the time is out. The respondent will no longer be able to continue with the quiz once it is time.

A timer adds to the enthusiasm to complete the quiz as soon as possible. It can also be used to teach time management; especially to students.

  • Randomize Questions

Shuffle questions in a random order in a quiz if you don’t want all respondents seeing the same questions on the same page.

This is quite useful in an academic environment if you don’t want students looking at each other’s answers, since everyone will have different options for the questions.

You can choose to have some questions in a random order, and other fields such as name, email, number, etc., fixed to show at the beginning of the quiz.

  • Show Results as Percentage

The feature allows you to see results in percentages, not just figures. Instead of the basic 10/20, you could see the result as 50%.

This is calculated for you or the respondent at the end of the quiz and is usually better than conventional manual calculations prone to error.

  • Show Results after the Quiz

Set an automatic calculating feature to show respondents the results of the answers they have provided after submission. The world has moved away from waiting days or weeks for results. With an online quiz, the platform gives you instant results.

Type of Online Quizzes

  • Subject Quiz

This type of quiz is set up to test the academic growth of students. It can take place in-between classes, or during semesters.

The answers to the questions give instructors an understanding of how students are catching up in the class or how far behind they are. Teachers also get to know if they are actually imparting knowledge.

Students can also understand their level of understanding on particular topics. With this, they know where they can focus more attention, or read more.

Student quizzes often come in the format of “How much do you know about (something)?” or “Do You Know (Something)?” The results are based on how many answers the student gets right throughout the quiz.

This type of quiz is great for any school subject, as long as there are students and teachers involved. Examples of such quizzes are; science quiz, history quiz, math quiz, general knowledge quiz, art quiz, etc.

  • Fun Trivia Quiz

This type of quiz is described as a game in which players (an individual or a group) have to provide as many correct answers as possible on different topics.

Trivias are usually done at parties, events, or entertainment gatherings. Participants are grouped in teams where the team with the highest score is declared the winner – physical prizes are not always given in trivia quizzes.

This kind of quiz is designed so that the contestants have fun playing, and its main objective is to create discussion and healthy debate among players.

It is not mandatory that Trivia winners have to get a prize and almost everyone is good with that as their main objective is to have fun and learn at the same time. Trivia Quizzes span through movies, food, music, general knowledge, etc.

  • Personality Quiz

This appears most times on social media pages or as a test taken during job recruitment. It is a series of questions (likely going to be multiple choice with the aim of revealing the personality of the respondent.

Responses from personality quizzes are compiled and used to define the personality and possible character of such respondents.

The analyses or the results given are not necessarily scientific, so you are not obliged to rely on them. Besides, it is only a quiz and most times just for fun.

  • Corporate Quiz

A quiz that deals with company histories, business strategies, well-known deals, people in the news, acquisitions, and future business developments.

The quality and type of questions depend on the quiz master. Some have very short questions, while some have a decent length which may or may not enable you to think.

If you are looking for some original entertainment for a company party or team building, the corporate quiz is great for you.

  • General Knowledge Quizzes

General knowledge quizzes are somewhat similar to trivia, as the aim is to create a friendly environment and maybe push the participants to be more sensitive to particular issues.

It is usually fun; however, it focuses more on current affairs and social issues like the name of the last person who won the golden boot for a World Cup or the largest railway station in the world or short definitions of ideas.

Still don’t know how to use Formplus’ Builder for an online quiz? Check out the ready-made online voting quiz template or contact support for any other inquiry.

Common Quiz Mistakes to Avoid

Along with asking the right questions, there are a couple of mistakes you should avoid while designing your quiz. Some of them include;

1. Using questions that are too wordy or complex

Your questions should be direct, simple, and comprehensible. Try to keep the questions under one sentence. You can also start with the basics; Who, What, Why, When, or How?

2. Questions with options that are outright silly

Sometimes, you might want to add an easy option to help your respondents find the right answer quicker.  However, obvious distractors won’t help measure how effective your teaching was. Instead, use realistic and viable options.

3. Providing too many options

Limit your answers to four options at most. You can also offer simple true or false answers as opposed to answers that look like “Neither A nor B”

4. Not being clear with your instructions

Since quizzes can be quite stressful especially when your grade depends on it, your respondents can get frustrated when your quiz is unclear. It should be easy to navigate and the criteria should be as clear as possible so your learners know what exactly to do.

Want already prepared Quiz questions? Check these top quiz websites to answer ready-made subjects, fun, and trivia quiz.

After reading this, do you still have the opinion that online quizzes do not have an overwhelming attitude as an assessment and teaching tool? Tell us why.

Meanwhile, the integration of quizzes with other instructional activities in academic environment has been more useful than imagined. In fact, quizzes have the overall effect of guiding students through the learning process.

Also, quizzes have been said to be relevant for professional reasons and used by businesses and organizations to help respondents (customers) understand the brand better.

Checkout the ready-made online voting quiz template or sign up on Formplus Builder to start creating your online quiz now!

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