The goal of a recruiter is to fill job openings with top talents as quickly as possible to help organizations achieve their goals. 

Recruiters often hit a roadblock in this process, and finding the best fit can become challenging. These challenges require intelligent tech tools to resolve them successfully. 

This post will address the top challenges Human Resources personnel face in recruitment, the role of technology in recruitment, and the best recruitment tools for HR personnel. 

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Common Recruitment Problems HR Faces

1. Finding qualified candidates: Attracting the best fit is one of the recruiters’ recurring problems. There is a talent war out there. In the face of numerous organizations competing for the best hires, the fight for recruiting top talent is real, especially among companies in similar industries.

2. Recruiting employees with the right culture fit: Recruiters agree that it is one thing to find exceptional talent; it is much harder, to find the right culturally fit candidate.

Nathan Parcells, founder, and CMO of InternMatch told SmartRecruiters his team had to let great candidates go because they didn’t fit with the team. Job seekers often know how to answer all the questions that suggest they are a good fit culturally; however, the case is usually different in practice.

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3. Delay In The Hiring Process: After the recruitment process has been completed, recruiters sometimes delay making decisions on who to hire from the pool of great candidates already selected, all in a bid to find the perfect candidate.  This delay might be due to a slow pace of getting approvals to hire or make an offer from top management. 

When the recruiter is ready, the candidates have moved on and are no longer interested in the role, and you are back in the market.

4. Weak Brand Reputation: In this age and time, organizations without a robust online presence make it harder for HR to lure quality talents. Candidates are more likely to apply for roles with prominent brands.

Likewise, qualified candidates in bigger brands hardly leave the “known” for the “unknown”, no matter how seemingly fantastic the offer might seem.

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5. Absence of an Employee Value Proposition (EVP): Organizations offering a compelling  Employee Value Proposition will find it easier to attract quality talents in today’s world. As part of a broader talent attraction and retention strategy, employers deliberately offer a formidable Employee Value Proposition that contributes to a strong brand presence. 

When an EVP is not in place or, at best, poorly communicated, discerning candidates can see through the facade of empty promises.

6. Poor Remuneration: Remuneration is a factor that can work in favor or against HR, as far as recruitment is concerned. Any organization “worth its salt” will have a compensation strategy to either match, lead, or lag in market compensation. 

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Organizations provide their brief for the candidate, but as an intelligent HR/Recruiter, you need to achieve your goal within the budget. However, as the saying goes, if you pay peanuts, you are not likely to attract top talents, and the term peanut here is relative as your company might feel its offers the best.

If your organization is leading or matching market compensation rates, you can be sure to attract a large pool of quality talents. However, if your organization lags behind the market rates, you will have difficulty filling your vacancies.

7. Poor Interview Experience: Ever heard the phrase that the first impression matters? A poor interview experience sets alarm bells in prospective candidates. Intelligent candidates are quick to pick the signs as red flags. 

The truth is that the world of work has changed over the years. The social contract between an employer and a potential candidate has changed. Employers need to realize that candidates now have a more comprehensive range of options. 

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That you want a candidate badly does not guarantee that the candidate wants you that much. Many candidates now use the interview as a window to view your world before committing to your brand. Undue delays and long waits usually characterize this experience before the interview.

Constant rescheduling due to internal issues, the interviewers’ body language, the environment, or simply just intrusive or inappropriate questions during interviews can leave a poor review of your brand for the candidates. They might not be interested in a follow-up meeting afterward.

 Prospective candidates usually need non-verbal assurances that they will be working in a supportive and collaborative work environment.

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The Role of Technology in Recruiting

The advent of technology has significantly impacted the recruitment process. A wide range of tech tools can now help recruiters advertise jobs roles globally and automate other aspects of the recruitment process. Here are some of the best recruitment tools for a complete tech-based recruitment strategy.

Best Recruitment Tools for HR Personnel

  • Tools for pre-selecting candidates

1. Pymetrics

Price: Custom pricing 

Pymetrics adopts behavioral science and audited AI technology to help recruiters secure a more diverse team and achieve a more efficient process. This tool creates an ideal persona for each role and uses gamified soft skills assessments and unbiased algorithms to find the best fit and matches the same with the appropriate position.

Pymetrics features include core games, which measure soft skills and cognitive abilities, followed by numerical and logical games, which test numerical and logical reasoning, and a video interview. Applicants answer a series of pre-set questions via a video recording that the recruiter can review later. Pymetrics replaces CV with behavioral data that employs a science-backed, fairness-first strategy that candidates find engaging. It is used mainly by large enterprises.

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2. Hirevue

Price: From 30,000$(Annually)

Hirevue is a user-friendly, innovative tool that aids recruiters in selecting the best candidates by combining video interviews with predictive and validated occupational science and AI to support recruiters’ decision-making during the recruitment process. This approach eliminates bias as it doesn’t rely on CVS and phone screening; rather, it facilitates hiring through video interviews, where candidates complete online interview questions through a video interface.

It also features gamified assessments and integrates with leading ATS and automated calendar systems to simplify the most tedious tasks in the hiring process. The result focuses on more relevant job requirements and the delivery of excellent candidates speedily and a more diverse team. There is no free trial or a demo, and large corporations often use it. 

3. Harver

Price: Custom pricing



Harver is a volume hiring cloud-based solution that seamlessly uses data-based matching and end-to-end automation to help recruiters fill multiple candidates’ job roles. It is suitable for service-based industries that require higher recruitment volume frequently. The software features include test authoring, personalty testing, candidate reporting, and customizable tests and matching technology, providing data to help recruiters choose the best candidates in seconds.

A notable feature is automated triggers that move candidates through all the stages of recruitment without any input from the recruiter. This tool also offers deep insights, powered by world-class grade business intelligence software that amplifies every metric and KPI needed to fill each role, alongside a personalized recruiting solution, custom fit per candidate.

  • Tools to Optimize and Vet Job Listings

4. Text Analyzer

This tool help recruiters create job descriptions with keywords to target and attract suitable candidates. It harnesses language patterns to ensure your job ad works. Additionally, It helps eliminate gender bias and mitigate bias in job descriptions and measures the readability of your job ad, post, or job descriptions. Most importantly, it shows you how your job description compares to your competitors.

5. Gender decoder for job ads

This tool helps create gender-balanced job ads by identifying the most subtle gender bias. It is an excellent tool for recruiters, as it helps scan job ads for words that could suggest that your organization is more inclined towards a particular gender.

With this tool, your job ads promote gender equality and encourage suitable candidates irrespective of their gender, due to the neutrality of your job ads powered by a gender decoder.

6. Textio

Price: Custom pricing 

Textio is an augmented writing tool, which uses appropriate words, that would resonate with the targeted audience. It creates job listings that would evoke responses from suitable candidates.

This job listing optimization software analyses outcomes of over 10 million posts monthly and suggests language improvement to attract qualified candidates.

It uses intuitive AI to help create job listings that foster inclusion, irrespective of gender. It also vets already made job listings to see if it balances masculine and feminine words in job descriptions to promote fairness.

  • Tools to Launch Programmatic Job Ads

7. Joveo

 Price: Custom pricing

Joveo uses automated technology that allows recruiters to buy advertising space, which would give their job ads the most target audience-based visibility. It uses cost-effective data insights and AI algorithms to present ads to the right users.

This tool guarantees a good ROI for recruiters. It supports over 20 million job ads daily and adopts advanced data science and machine learning to promote talent sourcing across all channels. It allows recruiters to track the applicant’s journey from click to hire. Suitable for small to medium and large enterprises.

8. Wonderkind

 Price: Performance-based


Wonderkind is a talent attraction tech tool that connects candidates with recruiters through automated social media campaigns to pique the interest of passive job seekers. It features talent profile software that uses AI algorithms to direct job ads to the most qualified talent on every channel.

This strategy creates top-of-the-mind awareness for your brand and puts you out there for candidates seeking new career opportunities.

9. PandolQ

Price: Custom pricing

PandolQ is a click-to-hire talent acquisition tool that sources talent across global roles. Its AI automation creates user persona-defined job ads promoted specifically on channels where you can find your target employees. Its features include AI-enabled campaign optimization, automated ad placement, an online analytics dashboard, and speedy volume hiring through its AI-enabled/talent acquisition hiring tool. PandolQ integrates seamlessly with a wide range of ATS.

  • Tools to Chat with Candidates

10. Mya

Price: Custom pricing

Mya is a prominent chatbot software that uses natural language and Machine learning to have human quality conversations and engage with applicants. It automates talent engagement by providing open-ended, fluent conversations with applicants.

Mya adopts advanced AI technology to deliver 2-way conversational engagement, glean deep insights and evoke trust with its users. It provides an end-to-end recruitment solution that helps recruiters scale talent sourcing and employment, automating the screening of large applicant databases and scheduling. Mya is flexible and highly configurable. It does sync well with major messaging channels.  Fortune 500 companies and large enterprises use it.

11. XOR

Price: From 500$

XOR is an AI recruiter for blue-collar and hourly workers in the US. It attracts, pre-screens, and schedules top talents into recruiters’ calendars, focusing on engagement with only qualified candidates. XOR provides fast and efficient hiring by using an advanced AI algorithm to assess and rate candidates to find the perfect match for your job. 

XOR leverages messaging apps to drive talent pool engagement, streamline the recruitment process, and facilitate live and requested video interviews that candidates can submit from any location in real-time. It integrates well with other ATS tools and is ideal for large organizations that engage in volume hiring.

12. Jobpal

Price: From 10$ Monthly

Jobpal is a chatbot messaging tool that automates responding to frequently asked applicants’ questions, scheduling interviews, and recommending each role’s best fit. It allows recruiters to connect with only qualified candidates. It leads candidates to the best position suited for them via its talent interaction system, enabling it to make intelligent decisions based on candidates’ responses. It integrates well with popular messaging channels and leading ATS providers and supports over 15 languages.

  • Tools for onboarding candidates

13. BambooHR

Price: Custom pricing

BambooHR is a mobile-friendly HR software that retrieves and organizes all employee details into one centralized platform so that employers can access, review, and analyze with one click. It is suitable for hiring and onboarding but can also serve as an applicant tracking system. This way, recruiters have time to focus on more strategic functions.

BambooHR uses its integrated tracking system to track work hours, attendance, leave requests, and payroll. Its features include a central employee database, payroll management, document storage, performance management reports, and analytics. It is used mainly through large  SAAS companies and integrates seamlessly with over 50+ ATS tools.

14. HROnboard

Price: Custom pricing


HROnboard is an employee onboarding software that focuses on providing new entrants into the company an awe-welcome experience. It makes the job offer and sign-on process seamless and allows you to support employees by setting up prompts and tasks for your team. The onboard tool has robust features, like contact management, content analytics, employee alignment, action management, communication management, induction management, and full onboarding support for new employees. It facilitates internal transitions, employee broadcasts, and exit management for existing hires. It is ideal for large corporations with numerous employees.

15. Click Boarding

Price: Custom Pricing 


Clickboarding is a  modern employee onboarding tool that harmonizes employee engagement forms and tasks into a cohesive compliant solution. This tool features onboarding, e-forms, task management, and orientation management all in one interface and a self-service portal.

It facilitates a next-level onboarding system that creates workflows personalized to individual hires based on the role, location, and other relevant attributes. It can integrate seamlessly with over 250+ complimentary tools. It’s suitable for SMEs and startups.

  • Employee Referral Tools

16. RolePoint

Price: Custom pricing



RolePoint is a referral solution powered by employee engagement to attract top candidates. Rolepoint empowers your staff to refer qualified candidates for openings in your organization. 

The focus of Rolepoint is to increase talent sourcing by targeting passive qualified candidates. It also promotes retention by facilitating internal mobility and connecting eligible employees with roles.

17. Teamable

Price: Custom Pricing 


Teamable is an employee referral platform for creating a talent pool by mining the vast data of potential talents your employees sit on via various social network platforms. One of the most prominent features of Teamable is a powerful and intuitive search tool that creates a pool of potential candidates.

Teamable scale, manage and Track your Employee Referral Program with our Warm Introduction Platform and high-touch Implementation.

This tool easily keeps track of referrals and pushes the data to applicant tracking systems of users.  An incentive-based system, Teamable helps create engagement for employees. It boasts of robust reporting and analytics to help you manage your ROI.

18. Jobalaya

Price: Free

Jobalaya is a web-based recruitment platform for job seekers to find referrals to a job opportunity in an organization. It is an easy way to find contacts to refer you to your ideal job with absolutely no networking. Its main feature is the Jobalaya referrer hunter tool that helps find your dream company and its employees.

How Formplus Can Help HR Personnel

Price: From $0 -68$/Monthly


Formplus offers online forms solutions to collect data online. It’s useful for HR and recruiters alike. Formplus provides an efficient way of managing employee data through premium online forms. These forms can be customized by Hr personnel to fit their requirements. It features an easy-to-build form builder that uses a drag and drop kanban style layout.

With Formplus, recruiters can eliminate the stress of paperwork and ensure employee privacy by using HR forms to facilitate data collection and submit information. This tool can help automate HR processes and eliminate monotonous tasks associated with HR processes. For example, you can;

  • Create easy application forms
  • Review applications with your team
  • Conduct employee and management reviews
  • Collect feedback on company processes and employee satisfaction

Some features include mobile-friendly forms, electronic signature collection, embeddable forms, form analytics that allow you to review user behavior and improve your conversion rates, and more.

Formplus integrates well with over 4000 apps, like Slack, Calendly, Gmail, and Mailchimp, to mention a few.


HR leaders have now identified the need for their organization to invest in tools that automate the recruitment process as part of their recruitment strategy. The result is an effective and seamless recruitment process that delivers great results and fosters team collaboration.

  • Angela Kayode-Sanni
  • on 13 min read


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