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Free Loan Application Form Template

Make applications for student loans, personal loans, and business loans a seamless process with Formplus’ loan application form template. This form template can be used to effectively manage loan applications by house managers, banks, and businesses. Try our free loan application form now!

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Free Loan Application Form Template template



Get notified of submissions instantly

Receive email notifications of loan application submissions as soon as they are submitted. Formplus’ Email Notification feature allows you receive notifications upon individual submission or a daily, weekly or monthly summary of responses. You can also receive notifications of submitted responses as an email attachment in PDF or MS Word document. These notifications can be sent out to other members of your team that are important to the loan application process.

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Workflows and approvals

If you intend to create a multiple tier-level approval system, so the application process runs in a smooth way, Formplus can help you create workflows and approvals

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Save their progress and resume later Option

Notwithstanding the length of the form (short, long or multiple page), you can allow applicants save their progress on the loan application form, so they do not have to start all over when they are ready to continue. Save & Resume prevents your form from being left unfinished.

Store Applicant Data with Formplus
Make it formal with Electronic signatures

A signature field could be used to let applicants sign terms and conditions or any other legal regulation that is necessary. Collecting digital signatures is so easy with Formplus. You can add a signature field to the loan application form so applicants sign on the online form with ease.

Legalise Loan Applications with e-signatures
Reduce clutter and save time

Long forms can be overwhelming and repeating fields help reduce that. You can collect large amounts of data in rows, while making your online form more appealing and less bulky. With ‘Repeating Data’ also known as Fillable Tables, you can fill out several columns and rows without making respondents scroll and scroll just to hit the submit button.

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Unlimited File Uploads with Formplus and other Cloud Storage Options

Formplus has file storage integrations to help you store responses and manage your customer database. Using Formplus forms, you can receive files on your loan application form into your Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Formplus storage. The integration is seamless and can be implemented in a few clicks.

Secure Data with Formplus
Our intuitive form builder gives you the best experience

We understand that you might need to create loan application forms in an easy, and quick way. Formplus’s drag and drop builder which allows you to add forms fields easily. With Conditional Logic, you can show certain form fields depending on the action of the user. For example, if a user checks “Yes I pay Tax”, a field would be displayed to ask for “Tax ID”.

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Tips for Using the Loan Application Form

Manage personal loans, banks, small businesses, or microfinance loans with this sample loan application form. Start by modifying the form questions to suit your specific needs. You can also customize the form design with any of the preset themes or your custom CSS. After designing, share this form via an email invite, or with the form link.

You can then invite members of your team to work on reviewing these applications with you. Set up an autoresponder to confirm that the loan application has been received and is been reviewed. You can keep all the applications you get on the secure Formplus storage or export them to your favorite tool with the Zapier integration.

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