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Approvals & Workflows

Workflows Management and Data Collection tool

Approval & Workflow

Approval Management

From basic approval processes to more complex workflows involving several steps, the Formplus Workflow feature is just what you need to manage communication across your organization.

Workflows combine an intuitive online form builder with logic and flexible automation. You can also add multiple people within your organization and permit them to collect, review, and edit information on your company’s forms.

Let’s look at how workflows can be used in a department, HR for example:
  • Diane submits a PTO request form for approval or denial by her supervisor.
  • The supervisor reviews her request and leaves a comment before sending it down to the HR team.
  • The HR Manager reviews both Diane and her supervisor’s comments and approves it before sending to the Payroll team.
  • The Payroll manager spots an omission and sends it back to the HR manager who corrects and sends it back.
  • After this correction, the Payroll manager approves the disbursement of Diane’s request.
  • Diane gets an email notification that her request has been approved.

You too can create workflows as fluid and versatile as your team, sign up for a free 21-day trial today.