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Workshop Registration Form Template

Want to collect the attendees details for your upcoming workshop? Use this online workshop registration form template to call for your attendees and plan your event effectively. With our registration forms, you can accept payments, set autoresponder, invite attendees through email and social media and even send workshop materials to your respondent ahead of the workshop. Your can customised this workshop form template to your tastes or create a new one by signing up to Formplus for free.

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Custom Subdomain to host forms

Make your workshop registration form stand out by creating a custom subdomain with your business name or/and the name of the workshop. Rather than use the automatically generated domain by Formplus.

With a subdomain summarizing what your workshop is about (, you can increase visibility and response rate on your forms.

You can customize the subdomain as you please in the form builder.

Form customization -logo and preferred colors and background images

There are likely going to be many other workshops like yours available across different platforms. Therefore, you need to make yours stand out so that your fans or past attendees can easily identify you.

Customizing your form will make your brand distinguishable and also attract people to your workshop. Using built-in Formplus features, you can create beautiful and compelling designs for your workshop sign-up form.

More flexibility is also allowed with the available CSS feature

Teams and Collaboration for Administrative Purposes

Enjoin effective collaboration with your team members with the Teams/Collaboration feature. With this feature, you can assign roles to each member of your team and oversee the process with approvals and workflows.

For instance, Team member A may be one to create the form, and member B will manage respondent data. Then, the program Manager can also log in to the account to see the number of registrations so as to begin planning for the workshop.

This can be done by adding each team member as a user to your Formplus account.

Make your form mobile-friendly with the multi-page feature

It is very likely that most of your prospective workshop attendees only have access to a mobile phone. Therefore, you need to create a workshop registration form that is mobile-friendly using the Formplus form builder.

Use the multi-page feature to organize your form into multiple pages for easy navigation.

Not only will your workshop registration form be easily fillable on a mobile phone, but you can also create it on a mobile device. Create one from scratch using the form builder or use the existing workshop registration form template designed by experts.

Autoresponder Emails and Email Notification to others

Inform respondents that their registration is successful with a confirmation email immediately after submission. Formplus allows you to send an automatic email to each respondent with your own custom message.

To avoid confusion, you can add the respondent's submission to the body of the confirmation mail sent to them. 

Through this email, you can also drive more traffic to your website or social media handles by adding a link to each of these platforms.

Submission Deadline and Limits

Create a submission deadline and attendee limit for each cohort of your workshop in your form settings. With a submission deadline, you can know the number of people that will be attending your workshop beforehand and make proper plans.

In case you already have a capacity limit due to the availability of space or other factors, you can also set a limit to the submissions that you want to receive. Once the limit has been reached, the signup form will be made inaccessible to respondents.

Receive payments and automatically calculate registration cost

Easily collect payments from respondents who will like to attend your workshop in the same instance with registration. Formplus allows you to get paid by adding a payment option to your workshop sign up form. 

You can receive payments directly into your Paypal, Stripe, or Paystack account. In case you have various workshop options with different prices, you can also automatically calculate the cost of registration for each workshop from your form. 

This can be done using the Add Calculation feature.

Smart forms: Form lookup, Save and Resume, Digital Signatures

Make your workshop registration form smarter with the range of smart features offered by Formplus. Form lookup, for instance, looks up a respondent’s entry from previously submitted forms and automatically populates the new form with it.

Those who have registered for any of your workshops in the past will have their data prepopulated in this case. Respondents can also choose to save and continue filling the form at a later time.

Signature collection has also been made easy with the Digital Signature form field.

Google Sheets Integration

Get instant updates on your Google Sheets with the responses received from the workshop registration form. This allows you to easily collaborate with team members and keep your data up-to-date

With the Google Sheets integration provided by Formplus, you can update spreadsheets without having to export data from your Formplus account or import them into Google Sheets. This process has been automated by Formplus, helping you save time and energy.

Embed forms and multiple sharing options

Increase the visibility of your workshop registration form by taking advantage of the multiple sharing options offered by Formplus. Explore the different platforms where you are more likely to reach your target audience.

Share your form link on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. directly from the form builder. You can also share the QR code for the form via email or any of the social media platforms you are active on.

The signup form can also be embedded on your website for your visitors to see.

File Uploads and Storage Integrations

Choose how you want your data to be stored from the various storage options offered by Formplus. Once you upload a file into your Formplus account, you can choose to have it remain in there or view them in your Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox account. 

The process is seamless and needs to be done only once. Formplus also offers awesome support for file uploads into any of the above accounts.

Prefilled forms and Email Invitation

Create a more personal experience for your respondents by sending them a personalized email invite. You can invite attendees of your past workshops to your new workshop through email with personalized links.

When respondents click on their personalized link, it takes them to a workshop registration form that has already been prefilled with their details. This helps save time spent on filling forms and will help increase the response rate.

This feature can be accessed in the Share menu in the Formplus form builder.

Create a better experience for your respondents with versatile form fields

The versatile range of form fields offered by Formplus allows you to create a smart workshop registration form that will improve the experience of respondents. You can make the prefilled form fields for your past attendees read-only.

The pre-filled form field can also be kept hidden to your respondents. You can do this using the form logic feature in the form builder.

Hiding prefilled form fields will make your form shorter, reduce cluttering, and increase the response rate.  

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