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Wedding Rsvp Form Template

Use this wedding RSVP form template to plan for expected number of guests, special needs, and everything you or your guests might need to prevent a bad experience on your happy day. Edit this Wedding reservation form to your taste with our easy drag and drop builder and share it link to your guest list.

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Send private wedding invites

Ensure that only a few people that matter most in your lives get to experience your special day by creating a private wedding invitation form. All you need to do is add all these special people to your Formplus account as team members.

When you create a private wedding invitation form, guests can only gain access to the forms when you grant it. This is perfect if you would like to have a small wedding with only close family and friends.

Custom Subdomain

Do you have a hashtag for your wedding? Then, you can customize the link to your wedding invitation form with the hashtag. 

With a customized subdomain, you can make your rsvp form stand out and easily identifiable by guests. It can also serve as a way to keep your hashtag ingrained in people's memory before the D-Day.

Create beautiful wedding invitation form

Start a beautiful road to forever with your loved one using a beautifully designed wedding RSVP form. Easily incorporate the theme color for your wedding into your invitation form by editing an already existing RSVP form template.

You can  include any image of your choosing at the top of the form or in the form background

For more design flexibility, Formplus also allows you to add a custom CSS to your form.

Share your wedding invitation with family and friends

Take advantage of the multiple sharing options offered by Formplus to send your wedding invitation. This helps to ensure that every family member receives an invite regardless of the platform where they are active.

You can share the link to your wedding reservation form on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn using the Formplus social media sharing buttons. Well-wishers can also be invited to RSVP your wedding through email invites.

Email Notification

Send out wedding RSVP form data to those who need it when they need it using the automated email notification feature. With custom email notifications, you can notify the wedding planner, MC, interior decorator, and all other stakeholders involved in planning your wedding that your wedding invitation form has received a new submission.

The responses can be shared via PDF or word documents, attached to emails. You can also select the frequency at which these responses are sent to the stakeholders — daily, weekly, or monthly.

Conditional Logic

This Formplus feature is perfect for situations where you have different requirements for the guests of the couple. Consider a situation where either couple choose different matching outfits for their families. 

You can keep some of the form fields hidden depending on the responses given by the respondent. The form fields that will show up when the response indicates that he or she is from the bride's family, will be different from that of the groom's family.

Submission Deadline and Limits

Make proper plans beforehand by setting a deadline for respondents to fill the wedding RSVP form. This will help ensure that the wedding planners know the number of guests to expect when making reservations for them. 

You can set a submission deadline to your RSVP form in the Settings tab on the form builder. This will help ensure that all the guests are well attended to and also avoid making plans for too many guests. 

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