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Wedding Planner Form Template

The wedding planner form is designed to help wedding planners plan and organize clients' weddings. With this form, clients can fill out the bride and groom's details, number of guests, color theme, reception details, and so on. This planner can be used to document and organize wedding details. This planner can also be tailored to suit your clients' needs. get started with this planner today.

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Tips For Using the Event Planner Form Template

Wedding planning can be a difficult and stressful task, with so many details to manage and vendors to coordinate. Wedding planning forms help you stay organized and on top of all the details.

Formplus wedding planner forms enable you to streamline your workflow and manage all aspects of the wedding planning process.

Here’s how to effortlessly create wedding planner forms with Formplus:

How Do You Prepare a Wedding Planner With Formplus?

Step 1: Go to Formplus wedding planner form template

Step 2: Edit form fields to fit the services you offer

Step 3: Customize the form design to fit your brand

Step 4: Set up notifications, autoresponder, and post-submission page.

Step 5: Share the form with your clients via email, or social media or embed it on your website.

Step 6: Monitor responses and use them to plan the wedding.

What Documents Does a Wedding Planner Need?

  • Contract
  • Vendor contracts
  • Wedding day timeline
  • Budget breakdown
  • Event space floor plan
  • Vendor and guest lists
  • Liability insurance for protection

How Do You Write a Wedding Planner Contract?

Business Introduction

Your wedding planner contract should carry your name, business name, address, phone number, and email address.

Services Description

Explicitly outline the services you will provide for the wedding- pre-wedding planning, wedding day coordination, etc

Payment Terms

State the total cost of your services and the payment schedule. Also, add a disclaimer about your cancellation or refund policies.

Outline Responsibilities

Specify the tasks you'll be handling, and what your client will be responsible for. This will clear any miscommunication and avoid conflicts during the planning process.

Wedding Planning Timeline

Provide a detailed timeline of the wedding planning process, such as important milestones and deadlines.

Discuss Liability and Insurance

Add a liability and insurance section that clearly outlines any potential risks associated with the planning process. It should state how you and the client will be protected.

Termination Clause

Add a clause outlining the conditions under which the contract can be terminated and how any refunds or payments will be managed.


After you've written the contract, both you and the client have to sign and date the contract to make it legally binding. You can also have a lawyer review the contract to ensure that it protects both you and your client.

Looking for a more efficient way to plan weddings? Get started with the Formplus wedding planner form template!

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