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Webinar Registration Form Template

Use this webinar registration form template to call for attendees on your upcoming webinar. Modify this online form and embed on your website or share link on social media to encourage registrations.

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Mobile-Friendly Forms

Create a better experience for your respondents during registration with a mobile-friendly form. This will help increase the response rate greatly because most of your potential attendees will be registering through their mobile devices.

Formplus has a feature that allows you to organize your form into multiple pages, therefore, creating a more user-friendly atmosphere. Formplus forms are generally suited for mobile and you can even create one from your mobile phone.

Mobile-friendliness is the default for all Formplus forms and you do not need to activate any setting for this.

Custom Subdomain to host forms

Be more professional with your webinar registration process by creating a custom subdomain for your signup form. You can create a subdomain with the name of your business and/or the title of the webinar.

One of the best practices of creating a custom subdomain is by making it short and easy to remember. Following a particular pattern for all your registration forms will make you more organized and make the links easy to remember for your fans.

Brand identity is also key to creating a unique subdomain.

Conduct registration for multiple dates

If you will be having more than one webinar over a particular period of time, you can allow respondents to register for each of them in one webinar registration form. Make it easy for respondents to choose the date of the webinar they would like to attend.

This is more effective than creating a new registration form for each cohort of your webinar. 

Respondents will select one or more out of the available dates when the webinar will be held. This can also be done with time.

Google Sheets Integration

Automate data update process on your webinar signup form by linking your google account to your Foemplus account. This allows Formplus to update your Google Sheet workbook in real-time with the submissions made by respondents.

The Formplus - Google Sheet integration eliminates the process of exporting data from your Formplus account and importing it into your workbook. You can also easily import data from your Google Sheets workbook into your Formplus account.

Embed form in websites and multiple form sharing options

Get more people to register for your webinar by embedding your webinar sign up form on your website and sharing the link to your across various platforms. WordPress users can easily install the Formplus plugin for their website.

From the Formplus form builder, you can directly share this form to Facebook, Linked, and Twitter. Asides from the automatically generated form link, a QR code is also generated for your form. 

That way, your potential webinar attendees can scan this QR code and they will be directed to fill the webinar sign up form.

Email invitations

Send invitations to your past webinar attendees and other contacts to fill your webinar registration form. You can add a custom message to this invitation email with other call to action buttons.

You can also go further by sending a personalized invitation to these potential attendees with a link to a prefilled webinar registration form. When a respondent clicks on this link, they will find that some of their details have been prepopulated using the details entered in a past submission.

This can be done from the Share tab in the form builder menu.

Autoresponder Emails and Notification to others

Send automatic email notifications to respondents as a confirmation that their webinar registration has been received. Formplus will help you automate the process of sending email notifications to every respondent.

You can send this notification to the email address provided by the respondent during registration. A custom message can be added to the email with a link to more information about the webinar and another call to action.

The details of the submissions made by respondents can also be added to this email.

Form customization - logo and preferred colors and background images

Speak the language of your brand with unique colors, images, and fonts. You can compel form viewers into filling your webinar registration form with beautiful forms that have great content and professionalism

Physical attraction is no doubt one of the things that compel people to strike a conversation in a physical setting. As a webinar organizer, you need to make your target audience attracted to you with interesting features from the Formplus form builder.

You can add your logo, preferred color, and background images or add your CSS for a more sophisticated design.

Redirect after submission

Allow respondents to learn more about your webinar and other things your business has to offer with a link redirect after submissions. When you activate link redirect on your form, respondents will be automatically redirected to this link after submission.

This a great way to draw traffic to your website social media pages, and also inform respondents about your business. You can link to your blog, website, social media pages, past webinars, etc.

Submission Deadline and Submission limits

Set a registration deadline for your webinar so that you can more proper plans to accommodate all your attendees before the D-Day. 

In the event that you do not receive enough registration after the deadline, you can choose to extend it a little bit so as to accommodate enough people. You can also add a submission limit to avoid registering more attendees than you can handle.

A submission deadline can be added to your webinar registration form in the form builder settings.

Gather unlimited information with versatile form fields

There is no limit to the kind and amount of information that you can collect from respondents with Formplus. The form builder has numerous form fields with each of them serving different purposes.

For instance, you can use the choice options to ask closed-ended questions and other multiple-choice questions. You may ask if the respondent would like to receive future notification from you with choice options.

This form field also has various options like radio buttons, star rating, emoji rating, etc.

Teams and Collaboration for Administrative Purposes

Effectively delegate tasks to your team members with the Teams and Collaboration option offered by Formplus. It allows you to add multiple users to your account, assign roles to them, grant them the necessary permission, and also monitor their work through approvals.

That way, your team can easily collaborate and get every needed thing in place for the webinar. A particular team member could be the one to create the webinar registration form, another will handle the responses, and so on.

Collaborating on work in this manner will help make your webinar a success.

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