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Warranty Registration Form Template

Customers can use this warranty registration form to register warranty for their recently purchased products. With this form, customers can fill out their contact information, product details, date of purchase, and so on. Customer’s information can also be stored using the secure Formplus storage. Get started with this registration form today.

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Warranty Registration Form Template template

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Tips For Using the Warranty Registration Form

Product warranty registration forms allow you to keep track of product purchases and warranty coverage as a manufacturer or vendor. If the product is defective or malfunctioning, you can use the warranty form to verify the customer's warranty eligibility.

Using a pre-built warranty registration template also gives you a head start because you won't have to create forms from scratch. All you have to do is customize the template to fit your company, and you'll have a warranty registration form in minutes!

Learn more about warranty registration forms and how to customize a pre-built template for your company in this article.

What’s a Warranty Registration Form?

A warranty registration form is a document that customers use to register a product's warranty with you, the manufacturer or the seller. It stores the product's warranty information and the customer's contact information.

A product warranty form allows you to verify a product's warranty coverage if it malfunctions or has a defect. The form typically includes the customer's contact information, product specifications, and purchase date.

You can also use the customer's information to notify them of product updates, maintenance, and other important information. 

How Do I Create a Warranty Registration Form?

  1. Go to Formplus Warranty Registration Form, and click "Use Template.”
  2. Add a disclaimer to the form to help customers understand what the warranty covers.
  3. Add new fields and edit the form’s question to fit your company, then click, “save
  4. Customize the form by adding your company logo, and changing its theme, color, or fonts.
  5. Share it with your customers via email, QR code, or embed it on your website (no code required)
  6. Set up notifications to get notified when customers submit their forms using settings.
  7.  Monitor responses and use analytics to improve your product and warranty claims.

Is Registering for a Warranty Worth It?

Yes, registering for a warranty is worth it, particularly for high-value items such as electronics, appliances, or vehicles. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Extended Coverage

Most companies offer extended warranties for customers with a registered warranty for a small price. This allows you to enjoy repairs, maintenance, and other product warranty benefits at a discounted price

  • Access to Repairs and Replacement

Typically, a warranty covers repairs or replacements for defects or malfunctions that happen during the warranty period. If you register for the warranty, you will be eligible for these benefits if your product has a defect or malfunction.

  • Proof of Ownership

If your product is stolen or lost, a warranty proves your purchase and ownership. You can use the information to get a new receipt for insurance claims.

You also need it to verify your purchase with the seller for repairs and customer service.

  • Product Updates and Notifications

Product manufacturers and vendors also use the information from your warranty registration form to provide product updates and notifications. This notifies you about offers, software updates, recalls, and other relevant information.


A warranty registration form allows you to collect customer information and product warranty information. This allows you to easily verify their purchase and warranty coverage if a product is defective or needs repairs.

Online forms are the most effective way to collect product warranty forms because they save time and help you securely store information, especially when you use a pre-designed template.

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