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Video Consent Form Template

A video consent form is a legal binding document that allows a third party to use the appearance and voice of an individual for the benefit of a third party. This easy to use video consent form can be customized to suit your organization and affiliate projects, needs, style and preferences. Get started with this template today.

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Tips For Using the Video Consent Form Template

What is a Video Consent Form?

A video consent form is a document used to obtain permission from individuals to record them in video format, either for personal or professional purposes. It serves as a legal agreement between the person being recorded and the recorder. By signing the video consent form, the participant grants explicit consent for their image, likeness, and voice to be recorded and used according to the terms specified in the form.

What is the Importance of a Video Consent Form?

The importance of a video consent form lies in its ability to protect the rights and privacy of individuals who are being recorded. In an era where video content is easily shared and circulated online, having clear and documented consent is essential. 

Video consent forms ensure that individuals have given their informed consent and are aware of how their recorded content will be used. This helps prevent any potential legal issues, such as unauthorized use or exploitation of personal footage, and ensures ethical practices in video production.

How to Create a Video Consent Form using the Formplus Form template?

Creating a Video Consent Form using the Formplus form template is a straightforward process that simplifies the form creation process. Formplus is an online form builder that provides ready-to-use templates, including a Video Consent Form. Here are the steps to create one:

  1. Go to the Formplus website and sign up for an account.
  2. Once logged in, click on the “Video Consent Form template”.
  3. Customize the template according to your needs by adding or removing fields.
  4. Modify the form fields to include necessary information such as the participant's name, contact details, consent options, and any additional terms or conditions.
  5. Personalize the form design by choosing colors, and fonts, and adding your organization's logo.
  6. Preview the form to ensure it meets your requirements and make any necessary adjustments.
  7. Save and publish the form to start collecting video consent responses from participants.

What are the Benefits of a Video Consent Form?

Using a video consent form offers several benefits, including:

  1. Legal protection: The form serves as evidence of explicit consent, protecting both the participant and the recorder from potential legal issues.
  2. Privacy preservation: Video Consent Forms ensure that individuals have control over their personal information and how it is used, promoting privacy and data protection.
  3. Ethical considerations: By obtaining informed consent, the form promotes ethical practices and respect for the rights of participants in video recordings.
  4. Clear communication: The form establishes transparent communication between the recorder and the participant, outlining the purpose and scope of the video recording.
  5. Documentation: Video Consent Forms provide a documented record of consent, which can be useful for future reference or in case of disputes.
  6. Professionalism: Using a Video Consent Form demonstrates professionalism and a commitment to ethical standards, enhancing the credibility of the recording project or organization.


A video consent form is an essential tool for obtaining explicit consent from individuals to record them in video format. It safeguards privacy, protects legal rights, and ensures ethical practices in video production. It is best to use the Formplus form template, to create a Video Consent Form and have a seamless process, allowing for customization and ease of use. 

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