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Vendor Detail Form Template

The vendor detail form is an information form used to gather relevant information about a vendor. This form is designed to document vendor information such as the financial information, description of goods, vendor contact details, and so on. Use this detailed form to document and update your new and existing vendor details today.

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Tips For Using the Vendor Detail Form Template

Vendor Detail Form

A vendor detail form is a structured document or online form used by businesses or organizations to collect essential information about potential vendors or suppliers. It serves as a means of gathering comprehensive details about the vendor's company, products, services, contact information, and other relevant data necessary for establishing a business relationship.

Purposes of a Vendor Detail Form

  • Vendor Evaluation: The form helps in evaluating potential vendors to determine their suitability and credibility.
  • Contact Information: It collects vendor contact details for efficient communication and collaboration.
  • Product/Service Information: The form gathers information about the products or services the vendor offers.
  • Terms and Conditions: A vendor detail form may include contractual terms and conditions that both parties need to agree upon.
  • Payment and Pricing: The form can be used to inquire about payment methods and pricing structures.
  • Compliance and Legal: It ensures the vendor complies with legal requirements and industry regulations.
  • Vendor Database: Build a vendor database for easy reference and management.

Who Can Use a Vendor Detail Form?

Any organization or business that engages with suppliers or vendors can use a vendor detail form. This includes companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and more.

How to Create a Vendor Detail Form using Formplus Template

To create a vendor detail form using the Formplus template, follow these steps:

  • Sign Up or Log In: Sign up for a Formplus account or log in if you already have one.
  • Select Vendor Detail Form Template: Choose the "Vendor Detail Form" template from the available templates.
  • Edit the Form: Customize the form fields according to your specific requirements. You can add, remove, or modify fields as needed.
  • Add Validation and Logic (Optional): Set up form validation and conditional logic to ensure accurate data and streamline the form-filling process.
  • Design and Branding (Optional): Customize the form's design and branding to align with your organization's identity.
  • Share the Form: Once the form is ready, share it with potential vendors through email, a website link, or any other preferred method.
  • Collect Responses: As vendors fill out the form, the responses will be automatically stored in your Formplus account for easy access and analysis.

What is Included in a Vendor Detail Form?

A typical vendor detail form may include the following fields:

  • Vendor Name and Company Information
  • Contact Details (Address, Phone, Email)
  • Product/Service Offerings
  • Pricing and Payment Terms
  • Experience and References
  • Legal and Compliance Information
  • Contractual Terms and Conditions
  • Insurance and Liability Details
  • Certification and Accreditation (if applicable)
  • Vendor Evaluation and Scorecard

Benefits of a Vendor Detail Form

  • Efficiency: It streamlines the vendor selection process, saving time and effort in gathering information.
  • Standardization: Ensures consistent data collection across all potential vendors.
  • Comprehensive Information: Provides all necessary details to make informed decisions about potential vendors.
  • Documentation: Serves as a documented record of vendor information for future reference.
  • Data Analysis: Allows for easy comparison and evaluation of different vendors.
  • Legal Protection: Includes contractual terms and compliance details, protecting both parties.
  • Vendor Database: Helps build and maintain a centralized vendor database for easy management.


A vendor detail form is a valuable tool for businesses and organizations to collect comprehensive information about potential suppliers or vendors. By using this form, they can efficiently evaluate vendors, make informed decisions, and establish productive business relationships. The Formplus template provides a convenient and customizable solution for creating such forms, streamlining the vendor selection process, and improving overall efficiency in vendor management.

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