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User Experience Research Survey Template

Identify areas of improvement on your product's user interface with this UI/UX research template. This research survey template helps you to evaluate the current level of user satisfaction with the interface of your product. With the Formplus analytics feature, you can measure user response at a glance to determine the most demanded improvement. You can also automatically share survey responses with team members in real-time.

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User Experience Research Survey Template template

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User Experience Research Survey Template

What Is UI- UX Research Survey:

A UI or UX research survey is a method of data collection that helps you as an organization or product/service developer to see what your users feel when they navigate your interface. The goal is to identify areas of improvement in other to provide a fluid and seamless experience to users. 

How to Write a Survey for UX Research:

The first step in doing this is to first understand and define the objective of your survey, in terms of the specific insights you are hoping to glean.

Once you have established that, you sign in to Formplus.

Select the UI-UX research survey template from the form templates library.

Next, you use the code-free drag-and-drop form builder to customize the form, by adding or including relevant fields based on your goal and preference, you also have the option of tweaking the form to align with brand elements in terms of Logo, color, fonts, images, layouts, etc.

The smart notification feature alerts you each time a survey form is filled and submitted and you can share the responses with stakeholders in real life.

The robust analytics feature processes the data collected and interprets the results for you. You also get to share the form with respective users via QR codes, email links, or by embedding it on your website.

Formplus allows you to use a mix of question types in your survey from Stapel

scale, to Likert scale questions, multiple choice questions, open-ended questions, and lots more.

What Questions Should I Ask in a UX Survey:

The questions you ask in a UX survey are determined by the objectives of your research questions.

Ideally, it should include parameters like usability, functionality, satisfaction, review of the information, ease of navigation, aesthetics, and any suggestions or recommendations.

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