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Tutor Application Form Template

Receive applications from interested educational tutors with this tutoring application form. With this form, tutors can fill in the detailed information - teaching level, job skills, background qualifications etc. Customize this tutor application form template now!

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Tutor Application Form Template template

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Redirect user

After submitting the tutor application, you can redirect applicants to your website, social media pages, or some other sites where they can get more information about your school. 

This is a great way to increase website traffic and social media following. You can add a redirect link to your form in the form builder settings.

Response filter

Make better hiring decisions using response filters to create basic and advanced selections. Rather than reading through thousands of applications, this feature relieves you of the stress by eliminating unqualified applicants at a go.

For example, you might want to employ only those who have 3 or more years of teaching experience. Hence, the response filter helps you filter out people who do not fall into this category and you will be left with only those who do. 

You can now move further to check the documents of each qualified applicant.

Submission deadlines and limitations

Set an application deadline or limit for your job opening so that you can control the number of applications you receive. It will also give you enough time to access the submissions received.

Or else you leave your tutor application form open all through the year, it is important that you set a deadline for application. Submission deadlines can be set in Formplus settings

Mobile friendly

Give your respondents filling out your tutor application form from their mobile devices a great experience, Formplus tutor application form gives them the liberty to fill out the form from the convenience of mobile devices without having to pinch and zoom in or out making your order form easily navigable. 

Track email invitation

Avoid multiple applications from the same applicant by tracking email invitations. When there is a new job opening in your school, you can send personalized email invites to teachers who have applied in the past.

Once the teacher applies for a job at your school, you can set the submission to prevent another application on the form. This will prevent duplicate applications on the form.

Field validation

Ensure that none of the relevant questions are  left unanswered by the applicants with field validation added to the tutor application form's form fields. It will also help to make sure that all the responses given are valid.

For example, if you include field validation in a form field, an error message will be displayed if the respondent leaves it empty. An error message will also be displayed if a respondent enters a number instead of his or her email address. 

Perform multiple hires at a go

In just one tutor application form, you can hire for multiple roles at a go. Using the conditional logic feature, you can create one teacher application form for multiple positions that display different form fields depending on the position that is being applied for.

Consider a teacher application form that is recruiting for English, Mathematics and Physical Health Education tutors. The other form fields will remain hidden until the applicant chooses the position that is being applied.

Also, different form fields will show up for different roles.

Tips for Using the Tutor Application Form

Get a skills tutor with this sample tutor registration form. To get started, modify this sample format with the drag and drop form builder to get more insightful details about each applicant. Next, you can choose to make this form more aesthetically pleasing by using any of our preset themes or custom CSS. Share the application form with your network via social media, email invite, or a form link. Turn on email notifications to get notified once you get a response. You can also review all applications gotten with your peers by setting up a team on Formplus. Save the responses on the secure Formplus storage or export them as a Google Sheet.

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