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Traveller Health Form Template

The traveller health form can be used by travel agencies and airlines to verify the health status of travellers and passengers. Airlines and travel can gather relevant details about their passengers such as their travel information, flight details, contact details and if they have symptoms and to verify their health status. Get started with this travel information form today.

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What is a Traveller Health Form? 

A traveler health form is a document used to record and report the health status of individuals traveling to different destinations. It is designed to help keep track of the individual’s health condition, as well as any medical requirements they may need while traveling. The form is important in ensuring that any medical issues are addressed before, during, and after the trip.

Who Uses a Traveller Health Form? 

The form is usually completed by the traveler, who needs to provide information about their medical history, any current medications they are taking, and any special health requirements they may have. The healthcare provider then uses this information to identify any potential health risks associated with the traveler’s destination.

The form is also used to record details of any vaccinations and other health measures taken prior to the trip, such as malaria prophylaxis, insect repellents, and any other medications necessary for the trip. This information can help ensure the traveler is fully prepared for their journey.

What is the Importance of Traveller's Health Form? 

The traveler health form is an important tool for both the traveler and the healthcare provider. For the traveler, it provides a record of their health status and any health requirements they may have while traveling. For the healthcare provider, it provides the information necessary to identify any potential health risks associated with the traveler’s destination.

In addition, the form helps to ensure that the traveler is adequately prepared for their journey. By providing detailed information about the traveler’s health and any necessary preparations, the form enables the healthcare provider to provide the best possible advice to the traveler.

What is Included in a Traveller Health Form? 

A traveler health form typically includes details such as your name and contact information, any existing medical conditions, medications you are taking, and any allergies or sensitivities you have. The form may also include information about any vaccinations you have received, and any recent medical tests or treatments you have received. 

In addition to providing information about your health, the form may also include details about your destination, such as the type of climate, potential hazards, and what medical facilities are available. This information can help you plan for the type of medical care you might need while traveling. 

The form may also include emergency contact information, including the contact details of a family member or friend in your home country, and a contact person in the country you are traveling to, in case of an emergency. 

If you are traveling to a remote or high-risk area, you may also be asked to provide details about your travel insurance, as well as any other forms of health coverage you have. 

How Can You Create a Traveller Health Form Using the Formplus Template? 

The Formplus template allows you to quickly and easily create a Traveller health form that can be customized to fit your specific needs. This template includes a variety of questions and fields to capture the traveler’s health information. This includes questions about the traveler’s current health status, past medical history, current medications, and current vaccination status. Additionally, the form allows you to collect information about the traveler’s emergency contacts and any additional health information that may be relevant. 

Once the form has been completed, it can be shared with the traveler’s healthcare provider or other medical professionals to ensure that the traveler is properly prepared for their travels. This form can also be used to track the traveler’s health information over time, allowing for easier monitoring of any changes in health status that may occur during their travels. 


Overall, the traveller health form is an important tool for both the traveller and the healthcare provider. It helps to ensure the traveller is adequately prepared for their journey, as well as providing the healthcare provider with the necessary information to identify any potential health risks associated with the traveller’s destination.

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