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Travel Request Form Template

Use this online travel request form template to let your prospective customers, employees or ward request for a travel package for business trips, holidays, honeymoons, pilgrimage etc. This travel request template is perfect for travel agencies, employers and tour consultants. Embed link to this travel request form on your website with ease. You don’t need any coding experience, with a simple link embed, you’re good to start accepting requests without hitch. Get started with this travel request form template or sign-up to create your customised forms with our formbuilder within minutes

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Document Templates in Emails

In email notifications to others and autoresponders, you can include a copy of form submissions as Docx or PDF attachments. This is a good way to keep everyone updated on form submissions by ensuring that stakeholders have access to form responses. 

Form Customization

You can modify the outlook of your form using the form customization options available in the form builder. Formplus allows you to insert your organization's logo in the travel request form, change background color themes, and add preferred background images to your form. 

In addition, you can choose a new form font from the range of Google fonts available in the form customization section. If you have knowledge of CSS, you can change your form layout and even stylize your travel request template.

Custom Subdomain to Host Forms

You can create a include your organization's name in your form URL and share this unique link with form respondents. A custom subdomain is secure, very easy to remember, and it can serve as a means of promoting your brand.

Smart Forms

Form lookup, Save and Resume, Conditional Logic: Formplus allows you to seamlessly optimize your data collection process with our smart forms. For instance, you can enable conditional logic in your form to hide or show form fields based on the responses already provided by form respondents. 

Form lookup allows you to scan previous forms and automatically fill out your new form with the data obtained from them. You can also enable save and resume in your form which allows form respondents to save incomplete forms for submission at a later date. 

Submission Deadline and Limits

In your form, you can set a deadline for receiving new submissions and you can also specify the maximum number of submissions that can be made in your form. This way, Formplus gives you even more control over your data-gathering process. 

Prefilled Forms and Email Invitation

Using the prefill tool in the form builder, you can generate a custom prefill link for each form respondent. When a form respondent accesses your travel request template via the URL, the form is automatically populated with the information obtained via the prefill link. 

You can also send out email invitations to form respondents to prevent multiple submissions and track form submissions. When a respondent fills out the form via invitation, you can prevent them from having further access to your travel request template

Teams and Collaboration for Administrative Purposes

With Formplus, you enjoy seamless collaboration with your team members and other form collaborators. You can add important stakeholders to a shared Formplus account so that you all work on your form and responses together. 

As the administrator of the shared account, you can assign roles, grant permissions, and also restrict access to forms, responses, and folders. With the audit trail, you can track any changes and suggestions made to your travel request form template.

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