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Training Attendance Form Template

Are you a training manager or an H.R. professional? Use this training attendance form to record trainees’ attendance and participation in the training program. With this form, trainers can track and record trainees' attendance, lateness, and unexcused absences daily. This easy to use template can be tailored to your business needs. Get started with this form today.

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Are you looking to keep track of check-ins, for employees, training participants, and students in real-time? Use any of our editable attendance templates to track your team effortlessly. 

Attendance taking has evolved over the years from the conventional attendance registers, which require a handwritten name and time sign-in that can sometimes be manipulated. However, with Formplus attendance templates people can sign themselves in real time whatever the occasion.

Our templates are easily customizable and you can tailor them specifically to meet your requirements.

What is an Attendance List?

An attendance list is a  collection of details of individuals or people present at an event or occasion. The name of the attendees or participants, their designation, the time of arrival, and any other details required from the event organizers.

Attendance lists are usually standard in the workplace, schools, training facilities, etc.

How Do I Make an Attendance Form?

The best way to create an attendance form has been simplified with our free attendance form templates which can be tailored to accommodate your organization's requirements. With the various smart sharing options on Formplus, you do not have to send out the forms one by one. 

One of our smart sharing options is the QR attendance tracking that allows you to generate a QR code, that users can scan from the comfort of their smartphone to access the form. With our attendance forms, you can automate the whole process, via QR codes, email logins, and more.

Formplus can help you to create online forms to send to attendees irrespective of their location.

Here is how to do this in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up with Formplus to create your user account for free.

Step 2: Select a template from the array of attendance form templates, available on our website. Choose the one that best suits your requirement. Not to worry, all our forms can be personalized with our code-free drag-and-drop form builder to fit your needs.

Step 3: Customize your form settings to suit your preference.

Step 4: Select your preferred mode of sharing, from embedding the attendance form, via a link, QR code, email, or our advanced sharing options.

Step 5: Get a detailed analytics report to track the results.

Can I Use Google Forms To Track Attendance?

Services like Formplus code free online form builder are a wonderful alternative to Google Forms if you want to try out a different platform that would simplify the process even further. The wide array of form templates offered by Formplus has made the attendance tracking process stress-free. Whatever your requirements are, we have loads of readymade templates just for you. Better still, our attendance forms can integrate seamlessly with Google features like Google Calendar and Google Drive.


Formplus attendance forms are the perfect definition of hitch-free attendance tracking. Get started today to sort out your staff attendance, training, interview attendance, and any other event that has to do with confirming the attendance of participants.

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