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Ticket Booking Form

Use this online booking form template to let prospective clients book your equipment, hotels, taxis etc. with ease. You can embed the booking form template as an Iframe on your website or share the link on social media to get more clients. Sign-up to use the form template of create your preferred customized form now

Use this template
Confirm Ticket Bookings via Email

Confirm ticket reservation with auto-responder emails sent to respondents and team members. Let respondents know that their booking has been received and successfully by sending them an automatic confirmation mail.

This email is automatically sent to respondents immediately after booking their tickets. It can be customized to contain the message you wish to pass.

You can also send emails to selected team members to notify them of  new bookings .

Intro and Post-submission Message

Give insight to  what attendees should expect at your event with an introductory message. This is a great way to keep respondents excited about the event and increase the form completion rate.

You might also want to keep them geared up and the excitement going before the event with a post-submission message. It can also be used to disseminate important information like the next step after ticket bookings before the event.

Form Customization

Make your event stand out  by customizing your ticket booking form with your events logo, theme color, and background image. If it's an event that has been happening in the past, you can also add pictures from previous editions.

This will give prospective attendees insight to  what they should expect when attending your event. It is a great strategy to increase ticket sales

Teams and Collaborations

Easily sort ticket bookings by involving important stakeholders in the sales process. The Multiple User feature lets your teammates and potential collaborators log in to a shared account and work together in sorting ticket bookings.

You can assign roles and permissions to each user, allowing a member to edit the ticket booking form and another to analyze responses and so on. The changes made by each team member can also be tracked with the audit trail.

Analytics and Reporting

Get an insight into the number of ticket bookings received with the ticket reservation form and the amount of money earned. You get to see both detailed and summarized reports of the ticket bookings in real-time.

Details like the location of respondents, type of device used, number of impressions, submission rates, and completion rates will be shown in the analytics dashboard. The most interesting part is that you can customize your report by selecting what you want to see.

Such detailed analytics and reports will influence better marketing decisions.

Date and Time Validation

If your tickets have a validity timeline or expiration date, then you need the date and time validation form field. This feature allows the respondent to enter the date of the ticket booking.

You can also automatically calculate the date of the ticket expiration in the same breath. That way, respondents will be aware of when their tickets will expire beforehand.

All these  can be achieved by taking advantage of the calculation feature, which will allow you to add the period of validity to the date of booking. Therefore, arriving at the date of the ticket expiration.

Expand your Reach

Tell more people about your upcoming event and available ticket bookings by embedding your ticket booking form on your website. The Formplus WordPress plugin also makes website embedding easier, allowing you to embed your ticket reservation form with a shortcode.

There are also various social media sharing options available in the Form Builder settings. With just a click, you can easily share this form with a large number of followers on your social media page.

Mobile Friendly Form

A large percentage of your prospective attendees are mobile phone users, which is why you need a mobile-friendly form. With a mobile-friendly ticket reservation form, you stand to increase the completion rate on your form.

This ticket booking template is compatible with any internet-enabled mobile device. The form automatically adjusts to any screen size, creating great user experience across devices.

The most interesting part is that this is not limited to only respondents. You can also create a ticket booking form on your mobile phone.

Receive Payments Online

Selling tickets online is easier with a ticket booking template that seamlessly lets you receive payments from buyers. This Formplus ticket booking form template has a payment option that can be used to make ticket purchases from all over the world.

You can receive payments using Paypal, Paystack, and Stripe by simply drag and drop a form field into your ticket booking form. All you need to do is add your details to your Formplus account and start receiving payments.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can receive through Formplus forms.

Custom Url

Create a custom URL for your ticket booking form in the Formplus settings. Your custom URL can be your events name, brand name, or anything  you please.

A URL with your events name will help improve search engine optimization and draw more traffic to your event. For example, if the URL of your ticket booking form is www.events_name dot formpl dot us, your form will show up when a search query is made for events_name on Google.

The hack to this is using a URL that contains the keywords your prospective attendees are likely to search for.

Create PCI Compliant Forms

With the secure Formplus payment gateway, your safety and that of your respondents are guaranteed. This ticket booking form template strictly follows the PCI guidelines, securing your payment information.

Personal  information like credit card details, bank details, name, etc. is not shared with any third party. This is the case with any form created using the Formplus form builder.

Accept Multiple Ticket Bookings

Easily receive multiple ticket bookings from prospective attendees on your ticket reservation form. The calculation feature available on Formplus will automatically calculate the cost of multiple tickets without hassle.

All you have to do is input the cost of a single ticket in the form builder and set the calculation. Coupled with the form logic, it can also calculate discounts on multiple ticket bookings.

This calculation is accurate and can be used to perform simple arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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