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Test Requisition Form Template

The test requisition form is a medical document that is used to collect a patient’s test information. This form contains the patient’s contact information, documentation of sample collection, test results, physician’s name, contact information, and so on. Perfect for hospitals and test labs, patients' medical information can be stored in a secure cloud storage, away from third-party access. Get started with this free form template.

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Tips For Using the Test Requisition Form Template

What is a Test Requisition Form?

A test requisition form is a standardized document used in various industries and organizations to request and authorize specific tests or examinations. It serves as a formal request from an individual or department to a testing laboratory or facility, outlining the necessary information and instructions related to the desired tests.

What is the Purpose of a Test Requisition Form?

The primary purpose of a test requisition form is to ensure clear communication and proper documentation between the requester and the testing laboratory. By providing detailed information about the tests required, such as the type of test, specimen collection instructions, and patient or sample details, the form helps facilitate the efficient and accurate execution of the requested tests.

Who Can Use a Test Requisition Form?

A test requisition form can be used by a wide range of individuals or departments that require testing services. These can include healthcare providers, medical professionals, researchers, quality control personnel, and organizations involved in diagnostic testing, among others. Essentially, any entity seeking testing services can utilize a test requisition form to communicate its specific requirements to a testing facility.

How to Create a Test Requisition Form Using the Formplus Template

Formplus is a popular online form builder that offers pre-designed templates for creating various forms, including test requisition forms. Follow these steps to create a test requisition form using the Formplus template:

  • Visit the Formplus website and sign in to your account. If you don't have an account, create one for free.
  • Once signed in, click on the "test requisition form
  • Customize the form by adding or removing fields according to your specific requirements. You can modify field labels, add instructions, and rearrange the form layout.
  • After finalizing the form design, save it and generate a link or embed code to share it with your intended recipients.
  • Test the form to ensure it functions correctly by filling it out and submitting a sample request.
  • Once satisfied, start sharing the form with the relevant parties, such as the testing laboratory or individuals responsible for collecting specimens.

What are the Benefits of a Test Requisition Form?

Using a test requisition form offers several benefits:

  • Standardization: The form provides a standardized format for requesting tests, ensuring consistency and reducing errors or misunderstandings.
  • Clear Communication: By including specific details about the tests required and any special instructions, the form helps to communicate expectations clearly.
  • Documentation: The form serves as an official record of the requested tests, which can be referenced later for auditing, quality control, or legal purposes.
  • Efficiency: With all necessary information captured in one document, the testing laboratory can quickly process the request and perform the required tests promptly.
  • Streamlined Workflow: By utilizing a test requisition form, the entire process from test request to test completion becomes more organized and streamlined, enhancing overall efficiency.


A test requisition form is a valuable tool for requesting and documenting tests. It helps ensure clear communication, standardization, and efficient execution of test requests. With the aid of platforms like Formplus, creating a customized test requisition form becomes a straightforward process. 

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