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Tenant Emergency Contact Form Template

The tenant emergency contact form is an information form that contains the emergency contacts of tenants. Tenants can use this form to fill out their emergency contact details and relationship. This information can be stored using the Formplus secure storage. Get started with this contact form today.

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After leasing your property to a tenant, it's important to always know who to call in the event of an emergency. With the Formplus tenant emergency contact form, you can collect emergency contact details and update their information in seconds.

The robust integration features of Formplus allow you to update their record automatically as soon as they hit the submit button.

Here, we will discuss the benefits of a tenant emergency form, guidelines to adhere to for collecting information, and show you how to create one with Formplus.

What is the Tenant Emergency Contact Form?

A tenant emergency contact form is a document used by property owners to collect contact information about who to call in the event of an emergency. The information collected is for the safety and well-being of the tenant in case of an emergency. The tenancy emergency contact is designed to collect important information about trusted individuals who should be reached if the tenant is facing any form of challenge or if the tenant can't be reached. It is a means to enable swift communication and assistance for the tenet in the event of unplanned circumstances.

Will this Tenant Emergency Contact Form Save Me Time?

Tenant emergency contact forms save time from wondering who to reach in the event of an emergency, as all the information on who to call can be collected with it and stored securely. Secondly, because the Formplus tenancy emergency contact is cloud-based, it can be accessed from any location once the tenet has filled and submitted the forms.

How Do You Create a Tenant Emergency Contact Form?

When creating your form the first step is to choose your format, physical or digital forms. The advantage of digital forms like the Formplus tenant emergency contact form includes easy access to tenant's information in real-time, secure data storage, and the ease of sharing the forms through a wide variety of options. Such as email links, QR codes, or by simply embedding it on your online platform or webpage.

That's not all. With Formplus's code-free drag-and-drop builder, the forms can be customized to align with your brand elements in terms of colors, layout, fonts, and even logo. To create your emergency contact form, all you need is to sign up with Formplus to access the ready-to-use tenant emergency contact form.

What is the Benefit of this Tenant Emergency Contact Form?

Having this form is vital as it is the only way to reach people trusted or preferred by your tenets in the event of an occurrence. With this form, you are sure that the people you are contacting are the people whom your tenants trust and have expressed their consent to have them contacted in case of any eventuality.


A tenant emergency contact form is the only way to protect the interest of your tenets especially when they are most vulnerable. Using Formplus tenet emergency contact form ensures that you have a well-designed form that can collect all the details you need and is easily accessible irrespective of your location. Sign up here to access the free tenant-emergency-contact form. 

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