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Teenage Pregnancy Questionnaire Template

The teenage pregnancy questionnaire is a set of questions that is designed to allow teenagers express their perception about teenage pregnancy. With this form, teenagers can fill out their opinions on teenage pregnancies, causes of teenage pregnancies, if they have ever been pregnant before, and so on. this questionnaire can tailored to suit your desired feedback. Get started with this questionnaire template today.

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There has been a significant rise in teenage pregnancy in recent times, so much so that it seems like a trend most teenage girls are jumping on. The teenage pregnancy questionnaire seeks to understand the cause of teenage pregnancy, the perception of teenagers on teen pregnancies, and the experience of teens who have found themselves victims of teenage pregnancy.

The essence of the teenage pregnancy questionnaire is to gain insight into the reasons behind teenage pregnancies and the data gathered can be used to drive discussions among teenagers so they do not saddle themselves with the burden of an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy.

In this article, we discuss teenage questionnaire forms, the adaptability of the Formplus teenage pregnancy questionnaire template, and how to customize this questionnaire to suit your requirements and share them seamlessly either via a QR code, email links, or by simply embedding the forms on your website.

What is a Teenage Pregnancy Questionnaire Form Used For? 

A teenage questionnaire is to conduct surveys of teenagers and gather information from teens on issues affecting them like the rise of teenage pregnancy amongst them. The goal is to understand teenage behaviors and assess their needs, concerns, and perspectives on this issue. 

What are the Essential Questions to Include in a Teenage Questionnaire? 

The choice of questions to include in the teenage questionnaire would depend on the focus and objective of the survey. The questions could include demographics, interests, relationships, education, social media use, and open-ended questions that would give you deep insight into the way their mind works.

Are There Any Templates Available for Teenage Questionnaire Forms? 

Yes! With Formplus, you have access to an array of templates, just like the teenage pregnancy questionnaire template. This template can be adapted or customized to meet your specifications.

With the Formplus code-free drag-and-drop form builder, you can add or include fields. The teenage pregnancy questionnaire integrates with other platforms for easy use. That's not all. With the analytics and report feature, you can have your results analyzed in real-time.

The advanced sharing feature allows you to share the forms, via email links, and QR codes or have the questionnaire embedded on your website or social media channels for easy access.

How Can I Design a Teenage Pregnancy Questionnaire Form That is Engaging and Interactive? 

With Formplus, you can design engaging and interactive questionnaires that teenagers would find appealing. You can edit any of the teenage questionnaire templates to incorporate preferred colors, images, fonts, and layout. Formplus also offers a mix of question types options, to make the questionnaire engaging. 

You have an array of question types like rating scales, Likert scales, multiple choice questions, open-ended questions, Stapel scales, etc. to mention a few. The Formplus teenage pregnancy questionnaire can be tweaked to include elements like sliders, checkboxes, drag and drop, etc.

 The teenage pregnancy questionnaire is alo also mobile-friendly and can be filled out on mobile devices.


Teenage pregnancy questionnaires are used to collect information from a teenager about teen pregnancy, in other to understand the drivers of this occurrence and analyze teen pregnancy while taking their perspective into cognizance. Sign up with Formplus to get started.

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