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Teacher Nomination Form Template

Have an awards ceremony coming up and you would like a teacher to be nominated? Customize this Nominate a Teacher form template now to get your students’ opinion on who their best teacher is. Check it out now.

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Tips For Using the Teacher Nonimation Form Template

Are you organizing an awards ceremony and want to recognize your teachers' hard work and dedication? Creating a teacher nomination form is a great way to involve your students in the selection process.

Manually collecting feedback from students is an exhausting one; however, using a customizable teacher nomination form makes the entire process easier. They help you gather student feedback on who the best teacher is and why.

How Do You Write a Teacher Nomination?

Step 1- Open the teacher nomination form template.

Step 2- Edit the form questions to fit the award and your institution. 

Step 3- Customize the form’s design to fit your institution e.g. colors, fonts, logos, and other branding assets.

Step 4- Choose your preferred form settings- submission notifications, deadline, reminders, and others.

Step 5- Share the form with students by embedding it on your website, emails, social media, or a QR code.

What Do You Write in a Nomination Form?

Introduction- tell the respondents about the reason for the nomination, and the significance of the award or recognition.

Criteria- List the criteria that make people eligible nominees (this will help you get qualified nominees)

Nominee Information- name, contact details, and job title to verify the nominee’s eligibility.

Nominator Information- this helps you understand the relationship between the nominator and the nominee. You can also use it to reach out for more information about the nominee.

Reason for Nomination- a description of the nominee’s qualification for the award.

What Do You Say When You Nominate a Teacher?

  • Introduce yourself and your relationship with the teacher.
  • Give a brief and specific description of why you think the teacher is a great fit for the award. You can provide examples of how the teacher has positively impacted you and others.
  • Personalize the teacher’s eligibility by mentioning their unique traits and approach.
  • List the teachers' qualifications; make sure they are relevant to the award criteria.
  • Add a note expressing your gratitude for the teacher's hard work and dedication.

How Do You Write a Strong Nomination Letter?

  • Write a short introduction that summarizes your relationship with the nominee
  • Provide details that make your nominee a suitable candidate for the award. For example, you can list job experience, accomplishments, and more.
  • Go beyond credentials- list the nominee's unique qualities that will help them stand out from the crowd of nominees.
  • Personalize your nomination letter; make sure you’re not being mechanical about the nomination process. 
  • Give a passionate but honest evaluation; avoid exaggerating the nominee's qualifications, as this could come across as dishonest, putting your nominee in a bad light, which is the exact opposite of your intentions.
  • You can include additional documents like testimonials, past awards, licenses, and others to reinforce your nominee’s qualifications.
  • Add your closing remarks and proofread the letter to make sure it’s error-free.

The Formplus nomination form allows you to easily collect feedback on the best teacher. It also allows you to select the best nominee by comparing candidates' qualifications via the responses dashboard. Sign up with Formplus to get started.

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