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Teacher Motivation Questionnaire Template

The teacher motivation questionnaire is designed to gauge the level of motivation of teachers in a school. These set of questions can be used to find out why teachers are not motivated. The feedback gotten from teachers can be used to improve teachers’ motivation and productivity. Get started with this questionnaire template today.

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The teacher motivation questionnaire is an essential instrument designed to assess the motivational factors that drive and impact educators in their profession. This questionnaire allows educational institutions to gain insights into the factors that influence teacher motivation, job satisfaction, and overall well-being. 

By understanding these aspects, schools, and administrators can create a more supportive and conducive environment for teachers to thrive and excel in their roles.

What is a Teacher Motivation Questionnaire?

The teacher motivation questionnaire is a structured survey aimed at collecting data on various factors that affect teacher motivation. It includes questions related to job satisfaction, professional development opportunities, work environment, recognition, and other elements that contribute to a teacher's overall sense of fulfillment in their career.

What are the Benefits of a Teacher Motivation Questionnaire?

  • Identifying Motivational Factors: The questionnaire helps educational institutions identify the specific factors that motivate their teachers. This insight can be used to design tailored incentives and programs to enhance teacher motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Retaining High-Quality Teachers: Understanding what drives teacher motivation enables schools to create an environment that fosters loyalty and commitment among educators. This, in turn, can lead to increased teacher retention rates and the retention of high-quality teaching staff.
  • Professional Development Planning: By analyzing the questionnaire responses, administrators can identify areas where teachers seek professional growth and development. This data can be used to design targeted training programs that align with teachers' aspirations.
  • Enhancing Teacher-Student Interactions: Motivated teachers are more likely to engage positively with their students, leading to improved learning outcomes. A well-motivated teacher can inspire and influence students to achieve their full potential.
  • Improving School Culture: Feedback from the questionnaire can highlight areas where the school culture may need improvement. By addressing concerns and implementing positive changes, the overall work environment can become more supportive and conducive to teacher well-being.

How to Create a Teacher Motivation Questionnaire Using the Formplus Template

  • Log in to your Formplus account or sign up for free on the website. In the template library, search for "Teacher Motivation Questionnaire".
  • Modify the template to include questions tailored to your school's context and objectives. Ensure that the questions are clear and address various aspects of teacher motivation.
  • Include questions related to job satisfaction, work-life balance, professional development opportunities, recognition, and support from administrators and colleagues.
  • Before launching the questionnaire, test it thoroughly to check for any errors or issues.
  • Share the questionnaire with your teaching staff through email or a secure online platform, and provide a deadline for completion.


The teacher motivation questionnaire is a valuable tool that empowers educational institutions to better understand and support their teaching staff. By using a comprehensive and well-designed form like the one offered by Formplus, schools can foster a motivating and nurturing environment that promotes teacher satisfaction, and professional growth, and ultimately, enhances the overall quality of education provided to students.

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