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Teacher Evaluation Survey Template

Students should be given the chance to evaluate their teachers performance in the classroom for progressive learning. Tweak this 5-point Likert survey for teacher evaluation to evaluate students thoughts on their teacher's explanations, lesson notes, ease of interaction, and more.

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Teacher Evaluation Survey Template template

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Submission deadline and limit

Take control of the number of responses you want to receive and how long you want to receive them by setting a submission deadline and the maximum amount of submissions you want. It will help you properly plan your work process and ensure that the teacher performance appraisal is ready on time.

Therefore, you can easily arrive at a conclusion with the data you have and not deal with extra data after arriving at a conclusion.

Beautifully designed forms and surveys

Encourage students to evaluate their teacher's performance with a beautifully designed teacher evaluation survey. Formplus allows you to customize your form as much as you want, with an option to use the existing teacher evaluation survey template. 

You have the freedom to tweak the colors, fonts, and background images in order to depict your academic institution's visual identity. 

Create visually appealing teacher evaluation forms using the Formplus customization options or add your own custom CSS. Therefore, increasing the response rate among the students in your institution.

File Uploads & Storage

The submissions made to your teacher evaluation survey is automatically uploaded on Formplus cloud storage. However, you can also choose to upload the data into a cloud storage of your choice. 

You can choose to save and view your uploaded files in your Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox accounts. These files can be further organized into folders and shared with other team members.

Multi-page forms

Organize your teacher evaluation form into multiple pages to enhance navigation, readability, and other forms of user interaction. Rather than having a long form that requires a lot of swiping and navigation, you can section your form into multiple pages.

A multi-page form allows you to properly split your form into different pages and is more user-friendly. The form has a navigation button at the bottom of each page that directs respondents to the next page when filling out a teacher evaluation form.

Google Sheets

Formplus has a Google Sheet integration that allows you to see the submissions made to your teacher evaluation survey in real-time. This makes it easy to collaborate with team members and keep them up-to-date with instant information.

This is a great alternative to exporting and importing data. You can easily update the Formplus database with data from Google Sheets and vice versa.

Form Lookup

You can retrieve student data from your record and populate the form fields with it. Data can be retrieved through unique information shared by the student.

This could be an email address or a student unique ID. Once this information is entered, the student's data is looked up from the database and automatically populated in the form. 

Therefore, saving time, effort, and avoiding mistakes in the teacher evaluation form.

Seamless Digital Workflows

Effectively manage communication across your organization with a digital workflow that allows you to give different degrees of access to team members working with your teacher evaluation survey template. You can permit them to collect, review, and edit information on your teacher evaluation form.

Create seamless digital workflows with ease using the Formplus web-builder. It is very useful to the Human Resources department in your academic institution–especially when the task is properly delegated and the team members working on each aspect of the teacher evaluation survey are different.

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