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Tattoo Consultation Form Template

Tattoo artists and salons can use this form to gather relevant details about clients. Clients can fill out their contact details, service requested, and so on. the feedback gotten can be used to tailor service to suit your client’s needs. Use this form to allow clients request for tattoo consultation.

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Tattoo Consultation Form Template template

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Tips for Using the Tattoo Consultation Form


Are you looking to capture client information online and on the go, detailing terms of proposed care and advice to a patient before and after a treatment session? With these consultation templates, you can capture all the relevant client information essential to providing the right treatment.

Our consultation forms also allow clients to schedule a physical consultation, based on their availability, and make payment via the same form. Get any of our free consultation form templates today to simplify your consultation process.

What is a Consultation Form?

A consultation form is a document used by service providers, like hospitals, salons, spas, massage parlors, and any service-focused business. Consultation forms help you map out the treatment plan that would be adopted in every session depending on the client. 

It also outlines all the steps or procedures taken to provide a service, as well as aftercare advice. It is also a form of legal protection to show that all the required steps in the proper order were administered to a client during a treatment session. Consultation forms are also used to record the specific information shared with a client or patient before their visit or treatment.

With our templates, you can connect with prospective clients directly, via the consultation forms which aptly collect the contact information, desired date of appointment, preferred time slot, and the nature of the visit. 

The forms can be embedded on your website or social media channels and you also have the flexibility of sharing the forms, via a link, email, QR codes, and more.

How Do I Make a Consultation?

A consultation helps you gather information from your client to understand their needs and proffer the right product. With Formplus, making a consultation just got easier. Whatever your business niche, wedding planning, massage services, beauty spa, or medical services.

Formplus has got you covered; there is a template for everyone. We have a wide assortment of consultation templates designed to help you conduct professional and detailed consultations that save time and delight your clients. 

What is a Medical Consultation Form?

A medical consultation form is a questionnaire used by medical professionals to gather information about a patient's health, past medical experiences, and lifestyle. This is all in a bid to ensure there is enough information that can be used to provide the best treatment options suitable for the patient.


Consultation forms are an efficient tool to grow your business and expand your clientele. Clients can schedule and register for sessions with you online. With the secure storage options offered by Formplus, client information can be stored and accessed in real-time from any location.

 All our consultation forms are editable, using a code-free drag-and-drop form builder. Best of all, these forms integrate seamlessly with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. You can accept payments with any of our consultation forms directly linked to your bank account. 

Sign up here to get started with your consultation form.

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