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Task Checklist Form Template

"The task checklist can be used to create and assign tasks to team members while working on a project. This task checklist form can also be used to document progress, task status, and so on. You can tailor this customizable template to suit your company's needs and preferences. Get started with this free template. "

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Tips For Using the Task Checklist Form Template


A task checklist is a smart way of getting work done. It is used to create and assign people to tasks when working on a shared project. The idea is to ensure everyone knows what they are expected to do while documenting the process, adopted to carry out a particular assignment or task. There is an array of free task checklist form templates that can be customized to suit your requirement.

Task checklist forms are also an ideal tool to monitor work progress and see progressively the different stages at which you are as the task progresses. 

What is a Task Checklist?

A task checklist is a form used to provide a holistic view and details of what needs to be done, and in what order to achieve a set goal. The aim is to assign participants to their tasks and help them stay focused, while you track their progress and productivity on the task assigned using the task checklist form.

How Do I Make a Task Checklist?

You can adopt the following steps to make a checklist:

Capture every detail on the go with any of our task checklist form templates, which are mobile-friendly, so you can take down notes to include in your form.

Make sure each project or task has its list, try not to muddle things up. While doing that, categorize your list into tasks that require immediate actions, and subsequent actions would help give you a laser focus on what needs to be done and help you organize your task checklist according to priority and due dates.

Make the list actionable by assigning an action to the list. For instance, rather than just writing “hiring”, you can say “hire 3 technical assistants with the following skills”.

Subsequently, assign a deadline to each task checklist.

Portion the tasks in your checklist into bite-sized pieces, group similar or complementary tasks, and tackle them one at a time that way you will see traction.

Finally, consistently review your task checklist forms to monitor your progress, and lastly collaborate with your team on a robust platform, that not only provides your checklist forms but can integrate seamlessly with other software solutions and enables you to work in sync with your team members all in real-time.

How To Create a Task Checklist Form with Formplus

  1. Go to the task checklist form template page
  2. Add or remove form fields as needed 
  3. Save the form changes
  4. Customize the form design by adding branding and design elements, such as logo, font, color, etc.
  5. Set up submission and notification settings
  6. Share the form via email, or QR code, or embed it on a website.
  7. Monitor responses to track progress.


Task checklists show you the progress of a project, vis a vis the proposed timeline. They also help you monitor compliance and as a quality check guide. Using a checklist can be beneficial to reducing errors, by knowing what is required before the commencement of a project.

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