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Free Summer Camp Registration Form Template

Quickly collect necessary information from guardians, including contact details, special requests, and medical information. Click below to get started with the free summer camp registration form template.

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Free Summer Camp Registration Form Template template

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Robust Email Notifications

Send automatic emails to parents or guardians that have successfully registered their wards for the summer camp. This automatic message can be customized as you please before sending it to your respondent.

You also get an email notification every time a parent registers their ward for summer camp, including the details of the registration. Other team members can also receive email notifications if they are added to the list of users who are authorized to receive email notifications.

These notifications are sent real-time and can be viewed immediately when an individual submits a summer camp registration form for their wards.

Form Customization

Beautify your camp registration form using Formplus' customize feature. You can add your school or organizations logo, a background image, font, Colorado, etc.

There is also a custom CSS feature where you can use to create your own unique design for your summer registration form. 

Your brand can be easily recognizable by respondents and leave a memorable impression on newbies. 

Create An Easy-to-Fill Registration Form

Register your pupils for a summer camp with a free summer camp registration form that collects all the required information from their parents or guardians. You can organize your forms into different pages to make it more user-friendly.

Pupils' special requests and medical information can be easily submitted with a conditional logic feature that will assist you in creating mobile-friendly forms that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each child.

Advanced Form Fields

There is an available form field that suits any question you would like to add to the camp registration form. These form fields can be used to collect both text and numbers, with each of them showing in different forms.

You can use the short text to collect names and some other contact details. Some fields can also be made hidden for all respondents except for some special respondents using the logic feature.

Teams and Collaboration

Add new users to your account and give them access to the responses submitted through the camp registration form. The amount of access that can be given to each user on your team is editable and may be determined by a member's job role and seniority in the department.

The essence of this feature is to aid collaboration among team members and ease administrative work. Therefore, if any of the team members is not available, their job can smoothly be continued without any hindrance.

Prefilled Forms and Email Invitation

Send a custom URL to parents' email addresses on behalf of each pupil who would like to register for the summer camp. This custom URL is a link to a prefilled camp registration form for each pupil.

An email invitation can be sent to each parent with a custom message accompanying it. This can be done as part of the email marketing effort of your school.

Although similar to the lookup field in terms of population of data, prefilled forms can be accessed through a custom link which is unique for each student. It is also more personal and secure compared to the lookup 

Tips for Using the Summer Camp Registration Template

Get consent and other important information for your next kids' camp. Whether it’s for preschool, church camp, or a middle school event, start by modifying this editable summer camp registration form template. Use the drag and drop builder to add new fields like a signature field or edit existing ones. You can also switch up the form design by adding your school logo, brand colors or using any of our preset themes in the customize section. 

Share this form via a form link, email invite, or embed it directly on your school website. Set deadlines for form submissions on the settings page. Nudge parents to give consent by setting up email reminders so they can meet up before the deadline. Save the responses you get on the secure Formplus storage or integrate your account with your preferred school management tool. 

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