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Subscription Form Template

Get potential leads for businesses by embedding this subscription form template on your website or share on social media. Use this subscription form template to allow customers subscribe for your product on services and get all necessary information for a successful conversions. With Formplus builder, you can customise online forms, collect payment, embed as pop-up on website and collect all needed data within seconds. You don’t need any coding experience! Signup now to use this online subscription form template or create your subscription form from scratch with our easy to use form builder.

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Payment Form

There is no need for prospective clients to leave your form to process payments of any kind. Formplus allows you to handle financial transactions from start to finish - right in your subscription form template, using our payment gateway fields. 

Presently, Formplus supports top payment processing platforms - Stripe, PayPal and Flutterwave. All at no extra cost. 

Form Sharing and Embed

You can use the WordPress plugin to add your subscription form to your website through a widget. Another way to display your form as an iframe or pop-up in your website is by adding the form's shortcode to your site's HTML. 

Share your form instantly with your online community using our social media direct sharing buttons. You can also share your form via email invitations or using the unique QR code that requires interested persons to simply scan the code to sign up for product (s) or service (s) information.

Document Merge

Document merge allows you to automatically create custom documents from submissions made in your subscription form template. You can share these custom documents with both form respondents and your team members by attaching them to confirmation emails and email notifications.

Date - Time Validation

With date-time validation, you can prevent date-time input errors in your subscription form template. Field validation helps you improve on the quality of data gathered via your subscription form template by preventing respondents from submitting the wrong date or time. 

Typically, an error message will be displayed in the field at any point a form respondent fills in a wrong date-time format in the subscription form.

Form Fields

In our drag-and-drop form builder, you can access over 30 form fields that allow you to collect numerous and diverse information from leads. To add any of these fields to your form, simply click on them or drag and drop from the builder's inputs section into your form. 

From text fields to checklists and file uploads, there's no limit to how much information you can collect from form respondents in your subscription form. You can also modify form fields to be "hidden" or "read-only" in line with your data gathering preferences.

Email Notification to Others

Apart from notifying form respondents when you receive their entries, you can also notify your team members of new form submissions. Sending out email notifications to both team members and other form collaborators helps you to optimize your communications process by keeping them informed on your data collection process. 

In email notifications to others, you can include copies of form submissions and custom documents as Docx or PDF attachments. Formplus also allows you to schedule these email notifications to be sent out as daily, weekly and even monthly summaries.

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