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Students Course Registration Form Template

Register students to different course within the school. Customize this course registration form template with simple drag & drop on Formplus! No coding required.

Use this template
Mobile-Responsive Forms

Create a mobile-friendly course registration form for students in your academic institution without any coding knowledge. Formplus offers an easy to use form builder that lets you create a student registration form template for your students to register their courses for the academic session.

You can create a student course form that is easy to fill by breaking down each section of your form into multiple pages. A personal copy of the courses registered can be sent to each student's mail so that they can easily identify any mistakes in their submission.

There is also a save and resume feature that allows indecisive students to save their progress and continue later.

Robust Email Notifications With Attachments

Selected team members of the administrative unit can send email notifications immediately any response is submitted by students. This will assist you in getting real-time information about the number of students that have registered and those who are yet to register.

Each student will also receive an automatic email notification that confirms their course registration. You can choose to customize this automatic message as you wish.

The course form submitted by each student can also be received as a docx or pdf attachment.

Create Smart forms

Build a smart student registration form template with a form lookup field that extracts students' data from previously submitted forms. Save the time used in filling out forms with a form that automatically populates students' details (e.g. name, email address, phone number, course of study, and year of study) immediately when they enter their unique student number.

Students can also enter their signature after filling the form in order to ensure that the form is not being filled by a third party. There is also a Save and Resume feature that allows students who are not ready to complete their course registration to have their progress and continue from where they stopped.

Google Sheets Integration

There is also a Google Sheets integration that allows you to populate students' data directly to Google Sheets where you can further analyze it and share with other units of your institution. This will make it easier to visualize and compare the number of students offering each course.

Lecture hall and lecturer allocation can be properly prepared with existing data of the capacity of each lecture hall and the number of lectures available for each course. 

Existing data from a Google Sheet can also be populated into the Formplus database in order to aid form prefilling and lookups

Advanced Form Fields

Enjoy the flexibility that allows you to choose from a variety of form fields and add them to your student registration form template. The 30+ form fields available on Formplus include a table field, hidden fields, and read-only fields.

These fields can be made compulsory depending on its importance to the course registration. Fields like Name, student number, and year are some examples of form fields that could be made compulsory in the course registration form.

The table field can be used to add courses, and you can set a limit to the number of courses that can be added with the table field.

File Management Options

Allow the students of your institution to upload files to the course registration form. This is especially useful when you need to confirm tuition fee payment before students are allowed to successfully register . 

Students can upload their tuition fee receipt, admission letter, or any other important document to the course registration form. This can be uploaded as a document or as an accessible link to an online storage platform.

Once all the students have successfully registered their courses, you can leave the data on Formplus cloud storage, or share with other cloud storage platforms.

Custom Subdomain

Give a unique touch to your course registration form with a custom subdomain that screams your school identity. With this feature, you can add the name of your academic institution to the course registration form link. 

With Formplus, you can change your URL to "institution_name dot"  or have it any other way you please. That way, you can create a unique link that can be trusted and easily identifiable by students of your institution.

Form Customisation

Add your school logo, preferred colors, and background images to your school registration form with the customisation section of the Form builder. You can also create a custom link to your student course registration form by editing the randomly generated link by Formplus.

This will help you stand out and make it easier for people to easily identify your students' course form. Hence, making it difficult for a third-party to create a fake copy of your course registration form without being easily identifiable.

Prefilled Forms and Email Invitation

Avoid errors and help students save time spent on filling the course registration form with a unique custom prefilled URL for each student. Each student will have a prefilled link to the course form and will only have to enter the courses they would like to offer.

This link is prefilled with students' personal details including name, phone number, email address, year of study, student number, etc. The custom URLs should be sent to each student's email address so they can easily access it and register their courses.

Prefilled forms help in creating more secure forms because the custom links are sent to students' personal email address, denying any third-party access

Multiple Sharing Options

Make your student registration form easily accessible by bedding it to your website and sharing it on multiple platforms. You can easily share this form in the student community via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

In addition to the link, a QR code can also be generated, printed out and pasted on the school notice board in each department. This will make it accessible to students who do not belong to any online student community.

If the same link is maintained each year, it can also be added to the student handbook given to new students.

Submission Deadline and Limits

Ensure that students register their courses on time by setting submission deadlines for student course form. This will enable you to have information about the list of courses offered by students, the number of students offering a particular course, and the number of units offered by each student during an academic session.

That way, you can make proper preparations for lectures, lecturer allocation, and exam preparation. You can also regulate the number of courses and units offered by each student by setting a maximum and minimum limit for course registration.

Students can, therefore, be prevented from registering below the minimum and above the maximum limit.

Teams and Collaboration

Make it easier for admin officers to collaborate when working on students' course registration forms. With Formplus, there is no limit to the number of team members you can give access to the data generated from the student course registration form.

Therefore, students who have challenges with their courses can be promptly attended to by any of the administrative team members. You can also give a varying amount of access to each team member depending on their role and seniority in the team.

This will help prevent unauthorized access to students' course form and eliminate illegal/unethical practices in the administrative unit.

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