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Student Satisfaction Survey Template

The student satisfaction survey is designed to help universities, faculties and other educational institutions know what students think about your school. With this 4-point Likert survey, students can assess the school’s curriculum, level of safety, educational standards, etc. The feedback gotten from this survey template can be used to improve the standard and quality of your school. Use this free survey to allow students to evaluate the services offered by your institution.

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Respond Promptly To Students' Feedback

Boost student re-enrollment rate in your institution with a student satisfaction form whose feedback is regularly checked and implemented by the school administration. Add each member of the administrative unit as a user and give them access to the responses submitted by each student of your institution.

Therefore, each team member can have access to students' suggestions and act on it as soon as possible. It will help improve student engagement and feedback rate on satisfaction surveys. 

This is because students are more likely to give their feedback when they know it is being implemented by the school management.

Send And Receive Automatic Email Notifications

Send automatic emails to students confirming the successful submission of the satisfaction survey with a custom message appreciating their feedback. You can also send personal feedback to students whose suggestions are being worked on so they can be kept in the loop.

This will make students know  that their feedback matters, and go on to improve the enrollment rate of students in your institution. 

Notification is also automatically sent to each team member who has been authorized to have access to student's feedback any time a submission is made. This keeps the administrative staff informed and ensures prompt response to student query.

Accept docx/pdf Submissions

In some cases where the student satisfaction survey may need to be further elaborated using documents, you can easily get that done by including a form field that allows the respondent to attach pdf or .docx documents to the form. 

Students can also attach images to the form if necessary. In addition to setting a limit to the number of documents that can be uploaded, you can also set a limit to the size of each document. 

You can also specify a file format from one of the available file formats on Formplus.

Host Your Forms On Custom Subdomain

Choose your own custom subdomain when creating a student feedback survey for your academic institution. With a custom subdomain, your form can be easily accessible by students of the institution. 

Your custom subdomain could combine the name of your institution and the name of the survey in order to make it easy for students to remember and identify. This domain will also help you stand out and easily differentiate from fake student satisfaction surveys that may be shared amongst students of the institution.

The subdomain may be of the form "institution_feedback dot" or any other form that depicts the brand name.

Create Mobile-Friendly Forms

Ensure optimum student satisfaction by creating a student satisfaction survey that is mobile-friendly and allows students to freely share their opinion of your school. You can take advantage of this free student satisfaction survey template by Formplus and edit it to better suit the needs of your institution.

This easy-to-use form builder is also a great choice if you would like to create your satisfaction survey from scratch. Start gathering the required feedback from students using Formplus today.

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