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Free Student Data Sheet Form Template

This students datasheet form allows the gathering your students’ personal information such as name, guardian's name, mobile phone, work phone, and email address.Other information that can be collected with this student data sheet template include attendance scores, most recent academic grades, and student’s ability to work in a team.

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Free Student Data Sheet Form Template template



Prefilled forms and Email Invitation

By creating prefilled forms, you can cut down on the time spent in filling out your timesheet and improve data accuracy simultaneously . Using the form builder's prefill tool, you can generate a unique prefill link and share this with each respondent.

When a form respondent clicks on the form link, the student data sheet will automatically be filled out by information obtained via the URL. You can also track form submissions and prevent multiple entries in your form by sending out email invitations to your students.

Google Sheets Integration

With Google Sheets integration, it is even easier for you to organize and process form responses, as well as, keeping everyone up-to-date with form submissions. Formplus allows you to automatically update your spreadsheet with information received via your student data sheet form. 

Custom Subdomain to Host Forms

You can create a unique URL for your data timesheet and share this easily with form respondents. Custom subdomains are secure, easy to remember and they can also serve as a simple tool to promote  your brand. 

Form Customization

Formplus allows you to tweak the overall outlook of your form through a range of form customization options. Without any knowledge of CSS, you can add your organization's logo to your form and also change its background color or insert background images too. 

If you have knowledge of CSS, Formplus also empowers you to do even more when it comes to your form's appeal. For instance, you can easily change the form layout, modify already-existing templates, or improve on the form's theme altogether.

Document Templates in Docx/Pdf Attachment

When sending out email notifications and confirmation emails, you can include a copy of the form submission as a docx or PDF attachment. Sending form responses as email attachments to all stakeholders makes team collaboration seamless as well as eases up the communication process with form respondents.

Date-Time Calculation

With date/time fields, you can carry out simple date-time arithmetic processes in your student data sheet form like calculating a student's age. Date-time calculations are simple to carry out and they can be done between 2 date or time fields, a single date field, or a date-time field and a duration field.

Analytics and Reports

To make it even easier for you to organize and process all the responses gathered during data collection, Formplus has a form analytics dashboard that automatically presents  all the important statistical information that you need about your student datasheet. 

In the analytics dashboard, you can view form metrics like the total number of views in your form and the total number of form views. If you wish to, you can generate beautiful visual reports detailing your form data by using the reports summary tool. 

Form Fields

With over 30 form fields available for you in the Formplus form builder, it is even easier for you to collect different information in your student datasheet form. Our form builder has a drag-and-drop feature that makes it really convenient for you to add preferred fields into your form.

Formplus allows you to add lookup fields to your student datasheet; thereby, making it possible for you to cut down on the time spent on filling out your form. A lookup field scans previously submitted forms, extracts relevant information, and automatically fills out your new form with this data. 

You can also modify form fields to be hidden or read-only based on your data-gathering preferences. Conditional logic helps to improve the quality of submissions made in your form by hiding or showing form fields based on the answers already provided by the form respondents.

Export Submissions

To make it even easier for you to organize and process form data, Formplus allows you to seamlessly export form data in your preferred file format. You can export form submissions in CSV and PDF formats, or in Google sheets; making it easier for you to collaborate and organize form data with your team.

Submission Deadline and Limits

With Formplus, you enjoy absolute control over your data gathering process. You can indicate when you would want to stop receiving entries in your form and you can also limit the number of entries that can be made in your student datasheet. 

Autoresponder Emails

You can confirm the receipt of successful form submissions by sending out autoresponder emails to form respondents. Sending out autoresponder messages improves the communication between your team and form respondents and you can even include a Docx or PDF copy of the form as an email attachment.

Teams and Collaboration for Administrative Purposes

Formplus allows you to work on your student data sheet form with team members and other stakeholders by adding them to a shared Formplus account. As the administrator of this account, you can assign roles to form collaborators, restrict access to form data, and grant permissions to your teammates on any level.  

Each shared account has an audit trail that makes it possible for you to track any changes or suggestions made to your form. The multiple users' option makes it even easier to share forms and form data with important collaborators.

Mobile-Friendly Forms

With Formplus, you can create your Student Data Sheet on the go from the comfort of your mobile device. The Formplus builder is mobile-responsive; making it possible for you to drag and drop fields into your form, customize your form and share with respondents, right in your mobile device.

Formplus forms are also user-responsive so that they can be viewed and filled out on any internet-enabled device including your smartphones. Formplus  forms automatically adapt to the device they are viewed on; making it possible for form respondents to fill them out without having to pinch in or zoom out.

Print Submissions

You can enable print submissions in your student datasheet so that form respondents can have a copy of their responses for future reference. After a successful entry is made in your student data sheet, form respondents can instantly print a copy of their submissions, without any hassles.

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