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Stock Transfer Form Template

The stock transfer form is a standard form required for transfer of stocks in a public or private company from one party to another. This transfer form includes the name of the company, name of the transferee and transferor, amount, number of stocks, terms of transfer, signatures of both parties, etc. It can be used to create a binding contract of sale between the parties. Get started with this template today.

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Tips For Using the Stock Transfer Form Template

Need an easier way for investors to transfer their stock ownership? A stock transfer form is a legally binding document that allows individuals and entities to transfer ownership of their shares.

Stock transfer forms serve as legally binding contracts of sale and are widely used when an investor wants to sell or transfer ownership of their shares to another party.

Find out how to create stock transfer forms effortlessly with Formplus templates.

What Is a Stock Transfer Form?

A stock transfer form is a legal document that allows a person or entity to transfer ownership of a company's shares to another individual or entity.

It contains information about the company whose stock is being transferred, the names and addresses of the transferor (the seller), and the transferee (the buyer). It also contains the number and type of shares being transferred, as well as other relevant data about the shares.

After filling out the stock transfer form, you could also need to provide supporting documentation such as a copy of the share certificate or other proof of ownership. 

The new owner will be listed as the official shareholder of record after submitting the completed form to the company's registrar or transfer agent for processing.

How Do I Draft a Stock Transfer Form?

  1. Go to the Formplus stock transfer form template page.
  2. Edit the form to fit your specifications, then save the changes.
  3. Next, customize the form by changing the layout, and adding branding assets.
  4. Set up notifications, privacy, and other settings.
  5. Next, share the form with the transferor and transferee.
  6. Monitor responses with your dashboard or email notifications.
  7. After both parties have completed the form, save a copy for your records and submit it to the company's registrar or transfer agent for processing.

Why Use a Stock Transfer Form?

  • Transfer Ownership of Shares

A stock transfer form's main objective is to transfer ownership of shares in a company from one person or entity to another.

  • Record Keeping

The stock transfer form creates a written record of ownership transfer, which is necessary for legal and accounting purposes. It ensures that the transfer is properly documented and that it can be traced back to the initial transaction.

  • Compliance With Laws and Regulations

Many jurisdictions require stock transfers to be documented using a stock transfer form. Using a stock transfer form can help ensure that you comply with these requirements.


Stock transfer forms are legally binding documents that facilitate the transfer of ownership of shares in a company between different parties. Using the Formplus stock transfer form makes sure that investors have a smooth transfer process. 

Start drafting stock transfer form the easier with Formplus templates.

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