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Stock Requisition Form Template

The stock requisition form is an inventory form that can be used by organisations to request and restock items in an organisation. This form is designed to help employees within an organization or businesses to request for a specific product or item. Use this customizable template to create seamless product request or inventory in your organisation.

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Stock Requisition Form Template template

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Stock Requisition Form Template

What is a Stock Requisition Form Template, and what is its purpose?

A Stock Requisition Form Template is a pre-designed document used by organizations to facilitate the process of requesting and restocking items or inventory. The template provides a standardized format for employees or team members to make requests for specific products or items that need to be replenished within the organization's inventory.

What is the purpose of the Stock Requisition Form Template?

The primary purposes of a Stock Requisition Form Template are as follows:

  • Request for Items: Employees or authorized personnel can use the form to formally request items or products that are needed for their work or the operation of the organization.
  • Inventory Management: It helps organizations maintain control over their inventory levels by tracking what items are requested, how often, and by whom.
  • Documentation: It serves as a written record of item requests, which can be used for tracking and accountability purposes.
  • Approval Process: The form typically includes spaces for approvals, allowing for a formal review process before items are ordered or restocked.

What is typically included in a Stock Requisition Form Template?

A typical Stock Requisition Form Template would include the following elements:

  • Title: The form usually begins with a title, such as "Stock Requisition Form."
  • Requester Information: Fields for the requester's name, department, contact information, and date of request.
  • Item Details: Sections for listing the items or products being requested, including item name, description, quantity, part number, or any other relevant details.
  • Approval Section: Spaces for supervisors or authorized personnel to review and approve the request, including their name, signature, and date.
  • Date and Time: Fields for the date and time of request.
  • Comments: A section for additional comments or notes that may be relevant to the request.
  • Tracking Number: A unique identifier or tracking number to reference the request.

How can you create a Stock Requisition Form Template using the Formplus platform?

To create a Stock Requisition Form Template using Formplus, you can follow these general steps:

  • Visit the Formplus website ( or access the Formplus app.
  • Sign in to your Formplus account or create one if you don't have an account.
  • Once you're logged in, you can choose to create a new form. Select the "Stock Requisition Form" template or create a custom form by adding the necessary fields, such as text fields, date fields, and signature fields.
  • Customize the template to match your organization's specific requirements. You can add or remove fields, change the layout, and personalize the design.
  • Set up the form's settings, including access permissions, notification options, and data storage preferences.
  • Publish the form, and you can share it with employees or team members who need to make stock requisitions.
  • As requests come in, you can access and manage them through your Formplus account, track approvals, and maintain a record of stock requisitions.

Formplus provides a user-friendly interface for creating and managing forms, including Stock Requisition Forms, to streamline your organization's inventory management process.

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