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Stationery Requisition Form Template

The stationery requisition form can be used by employees to request for stationeries within a department or an organisation. Employees can use this form to request for specific stationaries and quantity needed. This request form can be tailored to suit your organization's style. Get started with this template today.

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Tips For Using the Stationery Requisition Form Template

What is a Stationery Requisition Form?

A stationery requisition form is a document used by organizations to request and manage the supply of stationery items. It serves as a formal means of communication between employees and the administrative department responsible for providing stationery supplies. This form ensures that the organization's stationery needs are met efficiently and helps in streamlining the procurement process.

What is the Purpose of a Stationery Requisition Form?

The purpose of a stationery requisition form is to maintain an organized and systematic approach to managing stationery supplies within an organization. By using this form, employees can request the specific stationery items they need, which helps in preventing stockouts and ensuring the availability of essential materials. Additionally, the form serves as a record of stationery requests, enabling the administrative department to track usage, monitor inventory levels, and plan for future procurement.

What is Included in a Stationery Requisition Form?

A stationery requisition form typically contains the following information:

  1. Employee Information: This section includes the name, department, and contact details of the employee making the requisition. It helps in identifying the requester and facilitates communication if needed.
  2. Date: The date of the requisition is mentioned to keep track of when the request was made.
  3. Item Details: This section lists the stationery items required. It includes the item name, quantity needed, and any specific details or specifications related to the item.
  4. Approval Section: A space is provided for the supervisor or manager to review and approve the requisition. This ensures that the stationery requests are authorized and within budget.
  5. Additional Notes: Employees can include any additional information or special instructions related to the requisition in this section.

How to Create a Stationery Requisition Form Using the Formplus Template

Formplus is an online form builder that provides pre-designed templates for various purposes, including stationery requisition forms. Follow the steps below to create a stationery requisition form using the Formplus template:

  1. Sign up or log in to your Formplus account.
  2. Click on the "stationery requisition form" template from the template gallery.
  3. In the form builder, customize the form by adding or removing fields according to your organization's requirements. You can modify the employee information section, item details, and any other sections as needed.
  4. Set up form rules and notifications, such as automatic email notifications to the administrative department when a requisition is submitted.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the form design and settings, save and publish the form.
  6. Share the form link with employees or embed it on your organization's intranet or internal communication platform.
  7. Monitor the submissions and respond to the requisitions promptly. You can export the data collected through the form for further analysis and tracking.


A stationery requisition form is an essential tool for organizations to manage and fulfill stationery supply requests efficiently. Creating a stationery requisition form using the Formplus template simplifies the process, ensuring that the necessary information is captured and enabling seamless communication between employees and the administrative department. With a well-structured requisition form in place, organizations can ensure the availability of stationery supplies and maintain a smooth workflow.

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