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Sponsorship Request Form Template

Customize this sponsorship request form template and add it to your website within minutes,no coding required! You can also notify multiple recipients, use file uploads, add payment buttons, and so much more with the Formplus builder. Get this Form Template.

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Google Sheets Integration

You can instantly sync your sponsorship request form with Google sheets so that your spreadsheet is updated once form submission is made. This means that you can automatically update your spreadsheet without having to import or export your form data. 

Google sheets integration enables team members and collaborators to easily track and process form submissions. You can add your team members to your spreadsheet so that they can easily track and process when new form submissions are made. 

Autoresponder Emails

You can configure your sponsorship request form so that your prospective sponsors receive email confirmations after they fill out and submit your form. The autoresponder email feature allows you to automatically send custom messages to form respondents upon the successful submission of your form. 

You can customize your auto-response to include feedback information or any other steps to be taken by the prospective sponsor. You can also include a copy of the submitted online appointment form in the email for future purposes. 

Embed Form in Websites and Multiple Form Sharing Options

You can embed your sponsorship request form directly to your website so that intending sponsors can access it when they visit your webpage. Your sponsorship request form can display as a simple pop-up or iframe on your website, without any complications. 

You can also share your form directly to your organization's social media pages using social media direct sharing buttons. In addition, you can add your form's unique QR code to fliers, banners, business cards or even your organization's webpage so that prospective sponsors only need to scan to fill.

Mobile-Friendly Forms

Our forms are mobile-responsive and can be filled out on any device including laptops, notebooks, and smartphones. Intending sponsors do not have to pinch on or zoom your sponsorship request form to fill it out as Formplus forms are adaptable and can be viewed on any device. 

Our forms are optimized to provide your form respondents with the most enjoyable user interface experience. In addition, the form builder is also mobile-friendly so that you can create your sponsorship request form on the go from the comfort of your smartphone.

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic allows you to get the most out of form responses by allowing a form of responses to only fill out form fields that are relevant to him or her. This means that you can hide or show form fields based on inputs already provided by form respondents.

Conditional logic allows you to improve the overall user experience of form respondents while improving on the quality of responses collected through your form. Find out more about how the conditional logic feature works here

Prefilled Forms

Use the prefill tool in the form builder to generate a custom prefill form URL for intending sponsors. Prefilled forms are easier to fill and they help you to save time as form respondents only need to provide additional information in the form. 

Using prefill for your sponsorship request form allows you to collect more accurate responses from form respondents. Once a form respondent accesses your form via the prefill link, the form fields are automatically populated with the information passed via the form URL

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