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Free Sick Leave Notification Form Template

Use this sick leave notification form template to allow your employees formally notify you of their illness and unavailability to work. You can paste this online notification form on your company's handbook or embed on your website to track all sick notifications from employees.

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Free Sick Leave Notification Form Template template



Digital signature

Confirm employees' identity by requesting for a digital signature. The digital signature perfectly mimics the offline pen and paper signature.

No need to scan and upload signatures, employees can easily append their signatures with their fingers. This signature is saved as an image in the Formplus database and can be viewed as such when reading the data.

Prefill feature

Reduce the amount of time each employee spends on filling out your sick leave form with the Formplus prefill tool. Formplus takes the data of each employee from an existing database to pre-populates the form with this data.

If you have a workbook with the data of all employees, you can connect your notification form to this database. By sending a personalized email invitation to each employee, the prefilled form is distributed.

The employee gets a prefilled form when they visit the link, any edited information will be automatically updated.

Teams and collaborations

Each team member in the organization who is directly or indirectly affected by the sick leave notification can access this information and work on it. For example, consider an employee who is applying for sick leave for a month due to a surgery that needs to be done.

HR approval will be needed to get a replacement for the employee in question. So, the application will have to go through the employee's manager, then to the HR manager who will approve or disapprove depending on whether enough information is available.

Private Forms

Prevent outsiders from filling your sick leave form by making it private and accessible to only employees. Only employees added as a team member on your Formplus account can fill out private forms.

They will need to request the team administrator's access when trying to fill out the private form. Then, you will be the one to either grant them access or not.

GDPR compliant forms

Be rest assured all the data collected from your employees are kept private according to the GDPR compliance laws. Employee's data is not shared with a third party organization or individual.

You can choose not to store your data on Formplus servers and this will be effected immediately.

Google sheets integration

Make real-time updates to your form's data with the Formplus' Google Sheet integration. This integration eliminates the time spent on importing data into or exporting data from the sick leave form submissions.

The concerned parties can also access this information at any time and proper welfare measures can be taken when dealing with the employees. When concerned parties are up to date on the employees that applied for sick leave, it can also aid proper task delegation

Mobile Forms

Employees can send their sick leave notification on the go with mobile-friendly Formplus forms. This sick leave form can be filled while the employee is at work, at home, or even on the hospital bed.

You can also create the sick leave form from your mobile device. This process is easy to use regardless of the type of internet-enabled device that is being used.

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