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Shoe Order Form Template

The shoe order form allows your customers to shop, order, pay, and indicate their delivery address. You can add your shoe catalogue, photos, descriptions, brand colors, and logo to this easily customizable template. Use the shoe order form to provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers and on-time delivery with real-time notifications.

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Creating your own bespoke online order form that can accept payment across various payment platforms directly to your bank account is now possible. All that you need to do is sign up for free with Formplus to get started with your online order form. 

How Do I Make My Shoe Order Form Template?

You can create your order form on Formplus, using the following steps:

  • Sign up or create an account with Formplus
  • Choose the sandwich order form template
  • You can choose to edit the template to meet or include  other personal or brand requirements
  • Set up your payment method, via PayPal, stripe, or any of the payment gateways integrated with our platform, so you can accept money directly via the order form.
  • Finally, you get to share your ready-to-use order form via an email link, or QR code, or just embed the form into your website or social media channel and voila you are done.

What is an Order Form and Why is it Important?

An order form is a document used to make the intent to purchase and also buy goods and or services from a supplier or vendor. It is a standard paper or online trail showing the agreement to purchase as well as the terms of purchase, quantity needed, price, delivery schedule, and any other specification relevant to the transaction between a buyer and a seller. It is important for the aim of record keeping, internal or external audits, processing payments, and inventory management. Order forms are relevant because they also help set a process for purchasing an organization while providing a tangible reference point for both parties in the event of any incident with the purchase transaction.

What is a Simple Order Form?

This simple order form is a predesigned template available for free on Formplus that buyers can easily use to itemize products that they are going to purchase from your store. Our simple order forms also include different secure payment method options. 

Who Uses an Order Form?

Order forms are used by buyers to request products or services from a supplier, especially by businesses that need to make a bulk purchase for an item. For instance, If a retail outlet like Walmart wants to stock up on say apples from their supplier, ideally an order form is needed to make that purchase, signifying quantity, the specific type of apples the agreed price, date of delivery, and so on.


With our wide range of order forms, irrespective of your business niche, there is an order form for everyone with Formplus. Sign up for free to standardize your sales process today.

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