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Shipping Request Form Template

Are you looking for a seamless way to process shipping requests? The shipping request form is designed to help businesses and companies streamline and process shipping requests. With this form, customers can request for shipping, select their shipping preferences and so on. This easy-to-use form can be customized to suit your company’s need. Get started with this form today.

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Tips For Using the Shipping Request Form Template

Every customer appreciates shipment accuracy; it's one of the simplest ways to improve your customer satisfaction and NPS score. Shipping request forms help you collect accurate customer and shipment information to ensure the shipping process is efficient for you and the customers.

Also, as a growing business, you need a reliable method for managing customer shipping requests. Shipping request forms take care of this by allowing you to collect all of your customers' shipping requests in one place and immediately notify you of their requests.

Learn more about shipping request forms, why you need them, and how to create them with Formplus.

What Does the Shipping Request Form Do?

A shipping request form helps customers initiate the process of shipping products from the company to their location.  It serves as a request to the shipping department or logistics team to prepare the shipment, create any necessary shipping labels or documentation, and arrange for the shipment to be picked up by a carrier or delivered to a specified location.

The form typically includes information about the recipient of the shipment, the shipping method, the destination address, and any special instructions or requests. It helps you optimize the shipping process by ensuring accurate customer data collection.

Benefits of Shipping Request Forms

  • Improved Accuracy

Shipping request forms help you accurately capture customers’ requests, reducing the likelihood of mistakes and ensuring that the correct items are shipped to the right location. This reduces miscommunication, avoids incorrect shipments, and limits the number of returns.

  • Boosts Shipping Efficiency

Shipping request forms help you to streamline your shipping processes and avoid unnecessary delays. It provides a central point for all shipping requests, reducing the need for back-and-forth communication with the customers, which makes the shipping process faster and more efficient.

  • Improves Customer Service and Experience

Using shipping request forms helps you provide better customer service by ensuring that your shipments are accurate and reducing delivery delays. It also provides customers with a better experience by simplifying their request process.

How to Create a Shipping Request Form

  1. Visit the Formplus template library and choose “Shipping request form
  2. Sign in to your Formplus account or create a new account.
  3. Edit the questions to collect information for the shipment, such as the recipient's name and address, shipping method, and any special instructions.
  4. Save the Form.
  5. Customize the form by changing the form design such as colors, background image, and font.
  6. Set up a confirmation message to notify customers of their shipping request information. You can also set up notifications to notify you when there is a new submission.
  7. Choose your preferred Share options- website embed, QR code, or form link.
  8. Monitor the form responses by logging in to your responses dashboard.


Shipping request forms allow you to provide your customers with a smooth shipping experience. They ensure accurate information collection and allow you to manage shipping requests effectively.

Ready to process shipping requests the easier way? Get started with the Formplus shipping request form template.

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