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Secret Santa Form Template

Exchanging gifts this holiday just got easier with the Secret Santa Form template. Great for exchanging gifts among co-workers and school children, each interested individual can fill out their details and also the kind of gifts they would love to receive from their secret santa. With Formplus' email invites, you can also ensure that people fill the Secret Santa form only once.

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Tips for Using the Secret Santa Form Template

Design this simple template for school, work, or even a family event during Christmas. Start by editing this form with a single select field so everyone can pick a secret Santa. You can also play around with the customization section to make it more fun and stylish.

After designing this form, share it using the email invite and restrict the number of submissions on the settings page. That way, everyone can only fill out this form once. You can also enable email notifications so you’re notified when everyone fills the form. Track submissions on the Formplus responses page.

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