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Free School Admission Form Template

This School Admission Form Template can be used for prospect, applicant, student, or an administrator, to engage and enroll just the right students for your institution. Academic institutions such as private schools and universities, can collect admission data like student’s name, address, details of previous admissions, parents name, date of birth and more with this school form template. Manage your online admissions the smarter way today!

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Free School Admission Form Template template

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Split Long Admission Form into Multiple Pages

You can break your School Admission form into multiple pages, which comes with a progress bar to help students understand how much progress has been made on the admission form. It is the same as having a single page school admission form, only that it will now be split into several pages. This is great for your school admission form so you don’t make applicants scroll and scroll to get to the submit button. Multiple pages make it look shorter and smarter. Just click on ‘New page’ in the form builder and another blank page will be created for you.

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Create Custom Admission Form with Table Field

The Table field allows you create a grid-like section with a set of other form fields on school admission form, and also provide applicants with the option of adding more rows to the already set structure for the table when they fill out a form containing the table field. This field can be used on your school admission form to describe and classify multiple items, create lists and collect dynamic data. With this, another table can be added when the applicant attended more than one college. This field is similar to the matrix field but the Table field enables you to add different other fields in each column and allows respondents to add repeating rows to the already set table structure.

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Send Admission Form Link with Email Invitation

Create, publish your online school admission form and send out a link to an email list of parents and/or students. The email could include additional details of your school and any other thing message you want to pass across. You can also share your online form to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or embed your form in a web page. Download the link to your admission form as a QR code and place on accessible platforms to allow parents/students just scan and have access instantly. Use the School Admission Form Template now!

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Add a Welcome Page to your Online Form

Add a welcome message at the beginning of online admission form to give instructions and/or some other details relating to the school admission form. Also, use a confirmation message to congratulate students on choosing your school. You can also customize a confirmation message that will be displayed to performers after they have filled and successfully submitted your form. Add images, formatting, or include links in your custom submission message.

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Send live data to Google Sheets

Formplus’ Google Sheets integration makes collaborating on received data easy. You can use it to manage submissions received via your school admission form and to create an extra backup of responses, then share with team members. Submissions are synced automatically and show up in the corresponding sheet instantly. Simply connect with your Google account and you are almost there!

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Use Short and Long Text Field Options

Short text fields are great for collecting Names, Addresses, Emails, Admission number, Phone number, Field of study and so on. You can also add a long text field if you will like applicants to provide some form of conviction why they want to join your academic institution. In this instance, you could ask “why do you think our school is great?” Then use validation for a minimum and maximum number of words

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Tips for Using the School Admission Template

Process admissions for your nursery, primary, secondary, and even tertiary institution faster. Start by modifying this template by editing the form fields with the simple drag and drop builder. You can also modify the form design with the customization section on Formplus. 

Next, share your school admission form online via a link, on social media, or embed it directly on your school website with a code snippet generated for you on the share page. Invite other members of your school admission board to collaborate with you in reviewing these applications. Finally, give feedback to those who have registered online by setting up auto-responder emails on the settings page. 

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