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Scholarship Application Form Template

Processing scholarship applications becomes simpler when you using the Formplus’ customizable Scholarship Application form template. You can collect data, digital signatures, documents from students/applicants easily. It means you will now be able to choose the best students for your school. Use the scholarship application form template now!

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Use Offline Forms for a seamless process

You could have applicants from anywhere. In rural areas or places where internet connectivity is poor. With Formplus, you could help applicants fill in their responses without a reliable internet connection and the scholarship application form submits once the device has good internet connection.

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Add an intro and confirmation page

If you are looking to pass some information to applicants, add an intro page before applicants start filling in their responses. It could be instructions, hints on how to meet the scholarship requirements, documents the applicants will be attaching, when the application will close or any other information. There could also be a confirmation page indicating successful application and more information, or a next step. You can also thank the applicant for the interest in taking up this opportunity.

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Upload unlimited file type and sizes

With our easy-to-use form builder, you can drag and drop the File Upload field to accept photographs, birth certificates, utility bills, scanned copy of passports etc from applicants. This means that you do not have to carry a physical copy of all your files and responses. Formplus supports a wide variety of file types, including word documents, PDFs, images, etc. You can also limit your applicants uploads by type, size and the number of files.

Accept Supporting Documents with Formplus
Share Scholarship Application Forms Online

You are looking to accept applications from many students? Use the sharing options on the scholarship application form. It means you can embed the online form directly on your company’s website. You can embed it on your Facebook page or simply share to Twitter and LinkedIn. The link can also be shared via SMS to start a conversation. Download the link to the employee evaluation form as a QR code and paste on accessible platforms including notice boards, banners and so on.

Share Scholarship Forms with Formplus
Autoresponder Makes Application Easier

You can now send a submission confirmation message to applicants with Formplus. This confirmation message can be customized to any message of your choice, you can also choose to include the responses from the applicant in the mail.

Manage Scholarship Applicants with Autoresponder
Use conditional logic on Scholarship Application Forms

With conditional logic, you could make the scholarship application form look smarter. So, when applicants get to sections that don’t require an additional response, they simply move over to the next question. It means you can hide certain questions which will only show depending on the action of the applicant. For instance, you could have a question that asks if the applicant had applied for the scholarship and if ‘Yes’ is the response, then a drop down question asks ‘Year’ or ‘Course’.

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Tips for Using the Scholarship Application Template

Improve the ease of college and student applications by using this free scholarship application template. Start by modifying this sample to fit the criteria of your application requirements. You can add or take out pages as you’d need. Next, edit the design to suit your institution’s design, You can add a logo, use custom CSS, or any of the available themes.

Set submission deadlines so that applicants can no longer access this form after the deadline. Share the forms by embedding them on your website, via an email invite or a QR code. You can also share on social media. Invite members of your panel to review these applications as a team.

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