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Free Sales Report Form Template

This sales report form template seamlessly helps you manage your business daily, monthly or yearly sales online. Create a report form that give business managers employee the perfect report models for your business.

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Free Sales Report Form Template template

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Embed forms and Multiple Sharing Options

Formplus allows you to embed your sales report template as a web pop-up or iframe on your organization's website. You can also use the Formplus plug-in available on  WordPress, to add the sales report form to your website through a widget. 

With the social media direct sharing buttons, you can instantly share your sales report form on your organization's social media pages. Formplus allows you to send out email invitations to form respondents, and you can share your form via its unique QR code too.

Form Customization

With the various customization options in the Formplus form builder, you can be sure to create beautiful forms that reflect your organization's brand image. Formplus allows you to tweak the outlook of your form by changing the background color and adding preferred background images. 

You can also insert your organization's logo in your sales report form to make it more formal and professional.

With  knowledge of CSS, you can modify your form layout, change the form theme, and even stylize the sales report template.

Mobile-Friendly Forms

With Formplus, you can create your Sales Report Form on the go from the comfort of your mobile device. The Formplus builder is mobile-responsive; making it possible for you to drag and drop fields into your form, customize your form and share with respondents, right in your mobile device.

Formplus forms are also user-responsive so that they can be viewed and filled out on any internet-enabled device including your smartphones. Formplus Our forms automatically adapt to the device they are viewed on; making it possible for form respondents to fill them out without having to pinch in or zoom out.

Google Sheets Integration

With Google Sheets integration, you can update new form responses on  your spreadsheet instantly  without having to export or import form data. Google sheets integration makes it possible for you to swiftly share form data with your team members and organize form responses too.

File Uploads and Storage Integrations

Formplus forms can be fitted with file upload fields that enable you to receive unlimited files of any size, directly in your form. All received files are stored in your preferred cloud storage where they can be organized and processed without any hassles. 

Formplus supports Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox external storage systems; thus, allowing you to directly receive file uploads in your preferred cloud storage system. In addition, you can easily rename received files by adding form fields for this purpose to your sales report template.

Prefilled Forms

You can also send out custom prefill links to form respondents to cut down on the time spent on filling out your form. When a form respondent clicks on the custom prefill link, the sales report template would be automatically filled out with information obtained via the URL.

Custom Subdomain to Host Forms

You can create a custom subdomain for your sales report form and share this link with form respondents. A custom subdomain is professional as it can be made up of the name of your organization plus it is secure and easy to remember.

Form Fields

With over 30 form fields available for you in the Formplus form builder, it is even easier for you to collect different information in your sales report form. Our form builder has a drag-and-drop feature that makes it really convenient for you to add preferred fields into your form.

Submission Deadline and Limits

If you wish to stop receiving submissions in your form after a stipulated period of time or number of submissions , you can set a submission deadline and/or limit for your sales report form. 

With submission deadlines and limits, you enjoy even more control over your data gathering process.

Document Templates in Email Docx/Pdf attachment

Sending out copies of form submissions as PDF or Docx email attachments helps everyone to stay updated on your data collection process. In this sense, team members can easily organize the data contained in the document while the form respondent can have a copy of his or her submission for future references. 

Teams and Collaboration

With a Formplus shared account, you and your team members can collaborate on forms, responses, and folders. The shared account has an audit trail that enables you to track any changes made to your form, and as the account administrator, you can assign roles to your team members too. 

If you want to restrict access to your sales report form, you can make it private. A private form is very secure and gives you more control over data collection because only members of your Formplus shared account would be able to view and fill it.

Date-Time Validation

Avoid date-time input errors in your form with field validation. Field validation prevents form respondents from submitting the wrong date-time format in your form, and this ultimately improves the quality of data gathered via your sales report template. 

When anyone attempts to submit false data in your sales report form, such data entry will be flagged down and an automatic error message would be displayed in the form. Field validation also accelerates the process of editing and processing form responses. 

Autoresponder Emails and Email Notification to others

After receiving a new sales report form entry, you can instantly send out a confirmation email to the form respondent. This autoresponder message can also include post-submission information and a copy of the sales report form for future references. 

Formplus also allows you to notify  stakeholders of new form submissions by sending out email notifications to them. Notification emails can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and you can also include a copy of the form entries in the emails.

Email Invitation

Track form submissions and prevent multiple submissions in your form by sending out email invitations to form respondents. Once a form respondent fills out your sales report template via the email invitation, you can choose to prevent them from having any further access to your form.

Custom Subdomain to Host Forms

You can create a custom subdomain for your sales report form and share this link with form respondents. A custom subdomain is professional as it can be made up of the name of your organization plus it is secure and easy to remember.

Free Sales Report Form Template [Tips]

What is a Sales Report Form Template?

A sales report form template is a document that contains pre-formatted fields which are used to collect sales-related data. The information gathered using this form is then used to generate a sales report. Sales reports are used in businesses to track the performance of their sales teams, as well as to provide an overview of the company’s sales trends and activities.

How Do I Make a Sales Report Form Using Formplus Template?

Formplus provides an easy-to-use template for creating a Sales Report Form. To get started, simply select the Sales Report Form from the list of templates, enter the necessary information, text fields, dropdown fields, signature fields, and more and customize the form as desired. Once you are done, you can share the form with your team, or you can even embed it directly onto your website.

Who Can Use a Sales Report Form?

A sales report form can be used by anyone who is involved in sales, such as sales representatives, managers, and other stakeholders. It can also be used by non-sales personnel to track the performance of their teams.

It is a great tool for sales teams to track progress and performance, as well as for management to make informed decisions about their products and services.

What Is Included In a Sales Report Form?

A sales report form can vary in complexity depending on the needs of the business. The information that is collected in a sales report form usually includes the following: the name of the person responsible for the sale, the date of the sale, the product or service sold, the amount of the sale, the payment method, and any other relevant information. 

It can also include other data, such as average order size, customer loyalty, salesperson information, discounts applied, customer feedback, and more.

Why Are Sales Reports Important?

Sales reports are an important tool for businesses of all sizes. They provide businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior, order trends, and other key metrics. This data can help businesses to make informed decisions about their sales strategies, pricing models, and customer service approaches and make projections for the future. Sales reports can also help to identify potential issues that may need to be addressed.

 They can also be used to track trends and make projections for the future. Sales reports can provide valuable data that can be used to make decisions and improve the performance of the sales team.


Sales report forms are an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes. These forms provide businesses with a comprehensive view of customer behavior, order trends, and other key metrics. Sales report forms allow businesses to make informed decisions about their sales strategies and customer service approaches. As such, they are a valuable resource for any business looking to increase its sales and profitability.

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