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Safety Climate Survey Template

The safety climate survey is designed to evaluate the safety environment of a workplace. Employees can express their opinions, satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction with their workplace safety climate and provide suggestions on how to improve the safety climate in the workplace. Get started with this template by either embedding it on your website or using it as a standalone form.

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Safety Climate Survey Template template

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Safety Climate Survey Template

What Is a Safety Climate Survey:

A safety climate survey is a questionnaire used to evaluate or understand the existing safety culture within an organization. It involves using a series of questions to gather data from employees to know their views on safety-related practices, their commitment to safety, and their overall adherence to safety practices. a systematic method for evaluating the prevailing safety culture within an organization. 

What Is a Safety Climate:

Safety climate is the collective perception and attitudes of individuals regarding safety. It depicts the overall safety culture in an organization and is driven by the leadership of an organization's commitment to safety and safety practices and the effectiveness of safety procedures in an organization.

What Is a Climate Survey?

A climate survey is a series of questions used to measure the perceptions of individuals within a specific workplace environment and their adherence to safety-related principles.

What Are the Goals of a Safety Climate Survey:

  • The goal of a climate survey is to uncover specific practices that need fine-tuning,
  • To measure employee satisfaction and overall perception of a workplace.
  • Enhanced employee engagement by getting their inputs recommendations and perceptions within an organization.

What Are the Benefits of a Climate Survey:

  • It promotes an improved organizational culture by unveiling areas that need improvement within an organization.
  • It enhances employee satisfaction, boosts morale, and motivates employees, which results in reduced attrition rates within an organization.

How Do I Create a Safety Climate Survey?

The first step to doing this is to define the aim and goal of your safety climate survey and highlight the areas of safety culture you want to evaluate.

Next, this would help you create or select relevant survey questions. 

Once you have established that you can sign up or log in to Formplus to access the climate survey template.

  • Select the safety climate survey from the form templates library.
  • Use the Kanban-style drag-and-drop form builder to tailor the form to suit your requirements. With Formbuilder you can ass or include fields and an array of question types from multiple-choice questions to Likert scales or open-ended questions.
  • Share the survey with your employees or colleague via the advanced sharing features, which includes QR code, and email links, or by simply ending the form on your website. 
  • Voila, your safety climate survey is ready and with Formplus you get to see submissions and analyze them in real time irrespective of the location of you or your participant.

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