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Sabbatical Leave Application Form Template

The Sabbatical leave application form helps employees to communicate their intentions to go on a sabbatical to their employer. This form can be used to state the reason for the sabbatical, start and end date, if it is a paid sabbatical and so on. Use this free template to streamline the leave request process in your company and also make replacement preparation if necessary.

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Tips For Using the Sabbatical Leave Application Form Template

Taking a sabbatical leave can be an effective way to recharge your batteries and pursue professional or personal development opportunities. In most companies, you have to submit a formal application to your employer before taking a sabbatical leave.

A sabbatical leave application form is a document that specifies the reason, duration, and terms of the leave. This helps employers and hr determine if they should approve the application or not.

Whether you’re HR or an employee, here’s how to effortlessly create sabbatical leave application forms with Formplus.

How Do I Write an Application for Sabbatical Leave?

  1. Open the sabbatical leave application template page
  2. Sign up with Formplus or log in to your account.
  3. Edit the form to fit your organization’s leave requirements.
  4. Add a description box that allows employees to outline their leave plans,  and explain how it contributes to the organization’s growth.
  5. Add an upload file field. This enables employees to provide supporting documents or attachments to their application, such as a proposed itinerary, budget, or recommendation letters.
  6. Save the form changes.
  7. Customize the form design to fit your company’s brand.
  8. Choose your preferred settings- notifications, autoresponder, etc.
  9. Collect and approve applications.

If you’re an employee that wants to apply for a sabbatical leave, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Select “prefilling” from the share options, then copy and paste the prefilled URL into a new tab.
  • Fill out all of the form fields and submit.
  • Go to your responses dashboard and double-click the response ID.
  • Print or download your response as a doc or PDF, and submit it to HR for approval.

What Are the Reasons for Sabbatical Leave?

  • Personal Development 

You can take a sabbatical to pursue personal development goals such as learning a new skill, pursuing a hobby, or traveling to new places.

  • Professional Development

You can also use sabbatical leave for professional development purposes, such as attending seminars, completing training courses, or conducting research related to your field.

  • Burnout

You can also use sabbatical leave to avoid or recover from burnout triggered by stress, fatigue, or other work-related issues.

  • Career Transitions 

You can also use sabbatical leave to explore new career paths, such as starting a business or furthering your education in a different field.

  • Family Responsibilities 

You can also apply for sabbatical leave to care for a new child, elderly parents, or other family members in need.

What Is an Example of Sabbatical Leave?

Example 1

A college professor may take a sabbatical leave to work on a research project that will help them improve their teaching skills.

Example 2

As a product designer, you can take a sabbatical leave to learn new design tools or techniques that will improve your job performance.


Using the Formplus sabbatical leave application gives you a head start; you do not need to spend hours drafting an application. All you have to do is start with our template, make a few tweaks, and you're done!

Ready to get started? Here’s the Formplus sabbatical leave application form template.

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